December 29, 2013 – Vanquishing the Demons Within

12/29/13 Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
Vanquishing the Demons Within

We spend a lot of time dealing with the demons within—our negative core beliefs. When demons show up, the power of our physical trinity—Spirit, Mind, Body—is required to vanquish them. Spirit is imminent and transcendent and flows to the mind and then the body.

Our self-defeating beliefs, our demons, are fear, doubt, feeling unworthy, not smart enough or powerful enough, and so forth. They wouldn’t show up if you didn’t have the power within to vanquish them. They reside in our subconscious and keep us from living a “charmed” life.

We have the characteristics of our spiritual parent and have its powers to overcome when we are aligned with our trinity! So we align with Spirit to allow guidance to come into mind, then bring it into our body of affairs. It’s important not to deal with demons at a physical level. Direct the three parts together so you don’t take all your issues into 2014.

The key is to be aware, mindful, of what those demons are. Look at the inner demons triggered by those things that we want to get rid of. What inner demon is a recurrence of the same thing from the past? What part of me have I dis-owned, denied, in order to be accepted? Shine the light on it and face that demon. Heal it and be free of it forever. Accept all of you and direct the power of love upon everything you believe is “uncool”, unlovable, unworthy about yourself. Love heals all wounds. When you are stopped from doing what you want by one of your demons, the good thing is that now you know what it is, and now you can do something about it!

You have the power! We are not victims! We are not weaklings! We are offspring of the most powerful thing in the universe! Nothing can diminish you! Who can diminish God? Stand in your power.

DENIAL: Fear, Anger, Doubt, Unworthiness and other negative self-defeating beliefs have no power over over me!
AFFIRMATION: I am powerful! I live and move and have my being as the Most Powerful Essence in the Universe. The Power of 3 has set me free!

And that’s the truth!


January 6, 2013 – The Power of 3: Living the Charmed Life

1/6/13 Rev. Sheila Gautreaux

Living The Charmed Life, The Power of Three, part II

Bring forth your power. Align with each level of the trinity of your being—MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Live the “charmed” life of a spiritual being in a physical body. We are created by the goodness of the universe, so all the power of the universe is in us.

Grasp the Divine MIND Truth and align with it, bring it into your MIND. Chant it, affirm it, speak it throughout the day every day until you KNOW it. Then bring it into your physical BODY. FEEL it in every cell in your BODY, displacing belief in tiredness and illness. “I feel I am whole!” No feeling; no healing. Once you feel it, Spirit takes it out into the BODY of your affairs.

The Holy SPIRIT is our liaison with the mind of God, and is always available. Sit in quiet. Write your question at the top of a sheet of paper. Start by praying 3 times, “Come, Holy SPIRIT”. The response is actually palpable. You will feel it. Then ask. You will be guided as to “What is mine to do?”

We are afraid of our power because we don’t understand. God is not powerful, but power. God is not loving, but love. God is not peaceful, God is peace. Live life as if you ARE blessed, charmed, powerful.

Steps to “Living the Charmed Life”: Accept your power. It’s yours. Affirm it. “I accept the divine power that flows through me, as me!” Learn. Discover what you’re capable of. Apply the powers in the laboratory of your life. Apply; apply. Practice; practice; practice. Face and vanquish your demons of fear, judgment, hurt, anger, etc. They prevent you from standing in your power. Don’t run from your doubts and fears. They are illusions and are not as powerful as you believe. Once you shine the light they disappear. Don’t let them and their relatives move in. Bar the door. Lastly, protect the innocent—the innocent that you are. We have not lost our innocence. We are still the pure, innocent beings we were with God before the world was made.

Be the Christ in the world. When you walk out all suited up in your power you will begin to bring transformation into the world! Your light will shine so brilliantly! People will feel it.

Pray the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi as “Lord, make me an instrument of your POWER. Where there is hatred, let me so love…” and so on. You are the beloved of God. It is God’s good pleasure to support you in living the charmed life!