June 26, 2011 – Near Death Experience

6/26/11 Garrett Riegg, J.D.

Objective, statistical evidence sheds light on ancient beliefs and current theosophical tenets regarding
life after death. Much evidence is derived from Near Dearth Experiences, or NDEs. Although NDEs
are clothed in different images from different religious backgrounds, they almost always convey the
same message. They are mystical, spiritual experiences. They all share a sense of certainty, gutfeeling,
or inner knowledge – a “gnosis”. A majority of NDEs include the panoramic life review which
occurs in a matter of seconds. It is a re-living of every life experience, not as a judgment, but as an
exercise for learning how one’s life has affected every person that subject’s life has touched. It is
instantaneous and life-changing.

We use “story” to connect with others heart-to-heart. HeartMath has demonstrated that the heart is
powerful, that people in “coherence” can change DNA, either twisting or untwisting the DNA chain, (a
standard scientific measure). Hard science is showing that this other higher level or plane of thought is
real. Those reporting stories of NDEs describe the plane as a place of total understanding and love, out
of the body, with heightened senses, a state of bliss. They very often report passing through a tunnel,
with the presence of a being of light, in complete love and trust. They report altered space and time in
a heavenly realm. They experience the awareness of special knowledge and spiritual insight, of deep
learning of love and the universal message.

A young women relates the remarkable story that in her NDE she was enveloped in love and perfect
peace. She says she was being cared for, out among the stars. “I felt I understood EVERYTHING –
the law, the order, and the math of the universe.” She went on to say, “ One’s religion is written in your
own heart. You are just who you are. You are here to love divinely and master who you are to raise to
it’s highest level you own true self!”

June 19, 2011 – Love & Intention Create Transformation

6/19/11 Reverend David McArthur

Spirit is at every gathering and it always has an agenda. It wants to give to us and to give through us. Step into the giving and receiving. The experience of the heart is at the core of Unity teaching, as in Myrtle Fillmore’s experience of healing her final stage of tuberculosis. Heartmath experiments show that our intentions affect even our DNA. With the coherent, ordered pattern of the heart – the state of love – the DNA responds to the intentions. We have the ability to change the cells of the body!

How do we, like Myrtle Fillmore, deal with those experiences in which we are aware there is something better? While in the deep state of love, speak words of focused intention into the transformation you seek. It is not the thought alone. Go into the state of feeling deep love for the cells of the body over and over again. It takes the deep feeling of love. The power of Spirit moves through our very nature to wholeness, which is our nature. When there is a part of us which still carries pain it comes up to be healed or else we act it out. The importance is that we address it and bring it healing. Out job is to call it into wholeness. To do it, move into the state of love.

Bring it into the experience of groups and communities of which you are a part, where there are people in pain, when there is hurt that expresses and needs attention. When there is a past that needs healing. Our minds are very good at explaining right and wrong. “I’m right and they’re wrong.” That doesn’t heal. Move into the love. It takes away the separation, the “explanations”, and we move to where there is connection. Instead of standing in expression of pain and resentment, move to harmony. Within your family and community see the disharmony not as wrong but in need of healing. Bring the intention and the love. Spirit gives the invitation and provides the way: Love and Intention. Bring love and intention into your family and community. What a joy to be that instrument! – to live the pattern of wholeness in our lives and in our communities. Step into wholeness, love, and joy together!

June 5, 2011 – Asking and Accepting

6/5/11 Reverend David McArthur

The awakening of our spiritual self (which is having this earthly experience) comes in pieces as we become more and more conscious of the divine love within us. An important piece is that of asking. We ask, not to awaken a sleeping God, no, but to awaken ourselves to receive what is already given, what is already prepared for us.
Sometimes we ask because of a real frustration (which is because we know there is something better). Sometimes because of a deep desire within us. Sometimes our asking unfolds over a period of time and looking back becomes clear. Some needs are beyond our ability – there are some things in the way. Love and care are not there within to deal with the need. Go to prayer and ask. Then the difficulty that’s in the way loses it’s impact and the spiritual presence and power responds. Love is the response given. Accept it. Choose again and again not to go to the anger and hurt, but go to the love and care.

It is often hard to accept the goodness without going back to the need. It’s like we are in a hologram. Our attention is on what’s in the way. Free yourself from the difficulty. Choose to love. See the glow, the delight within of divine love. It is powerful; it is complete. It is the love which reaches through the dimensions of our beings.

Accepting opens the next door of the journey. Being open to accepting opens the way to the deeper desire. The deeper we ask, the deeper the response. The deep, unconscious desire asks. What we reach for within us is the experience of the divine love response. The expansion of our spiritual awareness is what is accepted when we say yes. It unfolds – it continues to answer. The questions we ask are about who and what we are, not just what we need in the moment – the reaching for that spiritual love and power that we are.

The world can’t explain and will dismiss the truth of our valid spiritual experiences. Asking draws in the energy and activates the soul’s potential. Will you stay in the higher “hologram”? Do it by accepting the truth and validity of your experiences – your understanding of your truth. Step into your greater potential. Ask. Whatever is going on for you, step into that higher, greater response by accepting you are one with the higher power. You don’t know it, but you do know it. Accept it. “Is it too good to be true?” The truth is if it’s not good it’s not true!