May 30, 2010 – Transcendence Equation Revisited

Rev. Rita Marie Johnson

Coherence starts with feeling appreciation in our hearts. Turn away from the problem to this feeling through prayer – move into the heart of God. The most coherent state is love and appreciation. It brings healing, balance, and wholeness. “How efficient prayer can be!” Go into prayer for immediate guidance, without waiting for years for an answer. Then act on it. Do not put any more time and attention into it. Be at ease.

Actualize potential. Shine your light. Shine it all the way out! Act on it.

In prayer, from your connection to God, ask, “What is mine to do?” Fill your heart with appreciation and get life guidance. Bring it in with clarity and great, great joy!

Shine your light. Shine it all the way out!

May 23, 2010 – The Power of Compassion

Rev. David McArthur

In taking on this life we took on limitations we agreed to transform. They drain us, and they keep coming up. Know there is still wholeness, it is part of a greater good. Address the limitation, bring about healing. Transform it by moving from hurt to peace.

Allow yourself to really feel the power of your connection to God flow into you and through you. It is love. It is compassion, the experience that you feel in response to feeling hurt. It flows in response to the hurt of another, as well, because we are one.

Open to feel God’s love and compassion flowing to the part which is hurting, and move to compassion and peace. Live that law; become the law. As you live the compassion the pattern forms in the world around you. Move to a place of compassion in your heart, no matter the situation. We came to heal and transform all that we touch in the Earth. Move from hurt to peace through the power of compassion. “The unadulterated love of one person can nullify the hate of millions.” – Mahatma Gandi


“In the presence of hurt, I choose compassion.”

“In the presence of hurt, I choose compassion.”

“In the presence of hurt, I choose compassion.”

May 16, 2010 – The Prince and the Pauper

Rev. David McArthur

Emilie Cady wrote, “It is time for us to awake to right thoughts, and know that we are not servants, but children, and if children then heirs. …Heirs of all wisdom, …to all love, …of all strength, all life, all power, all good.”

The heir is the spiritual self, the spiritual being that you are. It is not this marvelous ego that has been developed for us to dance through the world. The ego guides this temporary persona that we have jumped into. It doesn’t know how to be the heir. When you journeyed into life, it wasn’t that you weren’t to meet the experiences that were there, those of abundance and lack, of fear and joy, of peace and harmony and of conflict, because those are ideas within this realm that we journey. The ego is to be cared for by the spiritual self, which guides it into being an instrument to touch the world and know its goodness.

When Jesus said “the kingdom is at hand”, he meant that we can touch life and experience the presence of God. We can experience the goodness of the realm, its beauty, its wholeness, its abundance. We can know the Presence in every experience, and that is the kingdom of heaven, and it is here and now. Just as people from the court go ahead of their prince announcing his coming and making easy his way, know and affirm,

“Divine Love goes before me, making easy, joyous, and successful my way.”

May 9, 2010 – A Mother’s Divine Vision

Rev. David McArthur

Motherhood connects us with a powerful aspect of the Divine Presence, that of the nurturing Divine Mother. We get to touch an aspect of what God is (knowing there is no place where God ends and we start). A mother awakens to a spiritual vision, seeing her child as a spiritual being, seeing the potential of that soul in the life experience. She is always calling forth that potential. The mother sees a wonderful, beautiful, radiant being.

The expression of that Divine Mother principle is in you whether you are male or female; it is a part of your connection with the Divine. This spiritual Divine Vision sees the Christ in your being, that level where you are one with the presence and power of God, saying it’s time to step up into your being– it’s time to get on with what you are about, who you are.

Accept the vision that is held of you by God. You are a radiant, powerful, intelligent, purposeful, spiritual being. You are here about what your soul has committed to do. You have the full power and intelligence and capability to accomplishing everything that is on your heart, and you are a blessing to everyone in your life! That is the vision in God’s mind of who you are. Accept it with these words, “I am a child of God! A blessing to all I meet!” It is the truth. It is who you are. It is what you are here for. What you are is so magnificent, and God sees it!

“I am a child of God! A blessing to all I meet!”

May 2, 2010 – The Divine Pattern In Us All

Rev. David McArthur

“Know ye not that ye are gods?”

“Know the white (that which is illumined) but keep to the black (that which is yet to be illumined, as your issues, or the potential of all): be a pattern for the world. If you are a pattern for the world, the Tao will be strong inside you and there will be nothing you can’t do.” – Lao-tzu

In the Transfiguration, Jesus showed us the pattern of who we really are. We can see this when we raise our awareness through our faith, our openness to a higher order, and love. Through the grace of pure love which is always present, we see both the impersonal principle of Divine Law as well as the personal guidance of the Divine expressing in our lives. Receive this into your being. We are the beloved “in whom I Am well pleased”.

Repeat, “I am God’s beloved child.”

See in yourself the pattern of divine power and radiant light. Say yes to the power, the radiant light, the wholeness. Be the pattern. For the world.

“I am God’s beloved child.”