August 29, 2010 – Sharing Enlightenment

Rev. David McArthur

Our work is to know the spiritual truth. Within each person there is a perfect pattern, a pure thought of him in Divine Mind within him. It is within the very energy, the DNA, of every molecule of that person’s being. It is in that person’s mind, and that person has full access to it. That person is One with the Presence and All Power. There is nothing or no-one in the world that has more power. That is the truth.

Who do you know who is in need? Physical, emotional, financial, etc.? Look through their “bandages” with so much love that the truth that you know is shared with that other person. You have the spiritual capacity to know the truth. The illumination flows from the truth within, and it is when you love.

We can only have that which we can give away. It is our job to share enlightenment rather than to seek it. Call them into their power– to know the truth when they begin to forget. Don’t settle for less than the truth of who they are. You are unable to settle for something less for that person– even for yourself. Hold to the total truth of your being– a radiant, powerful child of God–powerful, intelligent– who can call into manifestation the truth of their being. It is our job to know that. It is our job to be very much in touch with the truth of everyone’s being. For each there is hope. The total truth of their being is fully there within them. Carry that awareness for everyone.

August 22, 2010 – Going Somewhere

Rev. E. J. Niles

Among many things, the Bible is a history of a people’s evolving identity and their evolving relationship to God. For the first time in history, we see not only where we have been, but where we are going. We also see the need for a higher level of consciousness. As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

There are those who say we are in the worst of times, but we know better. We know we have latent within our DNA everything we need to deal with the conditions of our world.  Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Society is moving out of it’s “teen years” in which it wanted all the benefits without the responsibility. Now we are willing to accept the responsibility that we create our world. We can now envision every person on the planet having their needs met. We can see an end to poverty, an end to war.

You have within your very DNA that which you need to meet every challenge and move beyond it. We know only 4% of who we are. The other 96% of our being is one with the Universe. You are part of a living Universe. You cannot get out of it. “We are part of a challenge where one day we will know that we all are One!”

August 15, 2010 – Prayer That Works

Janet Conner

Do your prayers “work”? Jesus advised that before you pray, you first “reconcile with your brother.” You must release the “prisoners” you drag around with you. You must release the anger you harbor toward those you have imprisoned deep within your consciousness that you feel have wronged you. Simply open those dungeon doors and tell them to go. And yes, you must release the anger so deeply held against yourself, too. Open that door. Release. Let go. Only then are you free to affirm the good you seek.

Receive that good without worry as to the why or how of it. Be open with your affirmations. Don’t try to fit the Infinite into your consciousness with detailed requirements, but rather expand your consciousness to the Infinite. And know that you are worthy to receive. You are made of the substance of your Creator. You are a “godlet”.

We have so much to be thankful for. Thank You, God! Thank You, God! Thank You, God!

August 8, 2010 – Manifesting Spirit’s Dream: An African Tale

Rev. David McArthur

God is life. The nature of God is pure love and goodness. We worry whether something is true or false instead of whether it is useful. We know the phrase “life is suffering” is not a truth. However, it is an effective denial that our whining will change anything. Denial is to withdraw your energy from something. So withdraw your power from that which limits you and apply it to that which is seeking to lift you. Apply it to that which infinite power and abundance and intelligence wants to bring forth because it is your own.

That deep desire in your heart is not there by accident. Desire on the heart is God inviting you to what is yours, not what is possible. Withdraw your power from the idea that someone else has control. Withdraw your power invested in reasons that say it can’t be so.

Say, “life is suffering” and then “get on with it.” Apply your power to these steps because they work:

Don’t ask what is possible. What is your hope? What are you about now? Write it down. Prepare. (You have been preparing all this time.)

It can happen for you. Not because it’s possible, but because it’s given. Everything you need is already given.

August 1, 2010 – Flowing With Ease

Rev. David McArthur

Jesus said, “…My yoke is easy. My burden is light.” When we are connected with the Christ consciousness, there is a feeling of ease in the heart where struggle doesn’t happen. There is an intuitive response without the need of control in which things flow.

We are so ready to ease others through any difficulty. Imagine what Divine Love will do for us, Its spiritual children! Life is the experience of Divine Love guiding and unfolding who we are with such grace and care and compassion that every moment It is there for you. Every moment It is in you. Every moment It would enfold and lift you in those things that are difficulties and obstacles. It is infinite intelligence and it knows how to move you through them successfully. That’s what life really is. That’s the truth. When we choose to see obstacles and complain, when we choose control, we are out of the heart, and it is uncomfortable. Ease is touching the feeling of that care flowing through you. There is a flow of such goodness and kindness, of such compassion and love here guiding you, responding to you, One with you.

When you are open to the Tao, open to that ease and amazing presence of life and energy and intelligence and power that we call Spirit that we are one with and that is moving in and through our lives, you are open to insight. You can use it. It is “hidden in the heart”, everywhere and in everything. You no longer feel separation and the need to control. You are guided. So flow. You are one with It, and everything will fall into place.

Breath ease and enjoy the flow!