December 29, 2013 – Vanquishing the Demons Within

12/29/13 Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
Vanquishing the Demons Within

We spend a lot of time dealing with the demons within—our negative core beliefs. When demons show up, the power of our physical trinity—Spirit, Mind, Body—is required to vanquish them. Spirit is imminent and transcendent and flows to the mind and then the body.

Our self-defeating beliefs, our demons, are fear, doubt, feeling unworthy, not smart enough or powerful enough, and so forth. They wouldn’t show up if you didn’t have the power within to vanquish them. They reside in our subconscious and keep us from living a “charmed” life.

We have the characteristics of our spiritual parent and have its powers to overcome when we are aligned with our trinity! So we align with Spirit to allow guidance to come into mind, then bring it into our body of affairs. It’s important not to deal with demons at a physical level. Direct the three parts together so you don’t take all your issues into 2014.

The key is to be aware, mindful, of what those demons are. Look at the inner demons triggered by those things that we want to get rid of. What inner demon is a recurrence of the same thing from the past? What part of me have I dis-owned, denied, in order to be accepted? Shine the light on it and face that demon. Heal it and be free of it forever. Accept all of you and direct the power of love upon everything you believe is “uncool”, unlovable, unworthy about yourself. Love heals all wounds. When you are stopped from doing what you want by one of your demons, the good thing is that now you know what it is, and now you can do something about it!

You have the power! We are not victims! We are not weaklings! We are offspring of the most powerful thing in the universe! Nothing can diminish you! Who can diminish God? Stand in your power.

DENIAL: Fear, Anger, Doubt, Unworthiness and other negative self-defeating beliefs have no power over over me!
AFFIRMATION: I am powerful! I live and move and have my being as the Most Powerful Essence in the Universe. The Power of 3 has set me free!

And that’s the truth!