December 2, 2012 – The Power of 3

12/2/12 Rev. Sheila Gautreaux

The Power of 3

Do you want to step up your game? Do you see your previous hopes and aspirations unfulfilled? Do you ask yourself, “If I am truly God expressing, why can’t I make these changes?” Core negative beliefs rise up to stop us. We need to do something different.  Use the Power of 3. Align yourself on every level—Mind, Body, Spirit—to manifest your greatest desires.

There are various concepts of the Trinity. Traditionally it is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  1.Father: the infinite possibility, the all-knowing, the perfect all-ness. Everything. Divine I Am. It. (God without gender. The Bible was written by men in a very patriarchal time.)  2.Son: offspring of the all-ness, of infinite presence, made in the image and likeness, with all of the attributes, of It. We are the suns.  3.Holy Spirit: It in expression in our lives. The activity of It. The Holy Spirit is our personal gps.

When you are trying to manifest something, the Father has every desire to do it. 1. Align yourself with Divine Mind which is perfect, without doubts or what-ifs. Be in union with the Mind that created the universe and can create anything. 2. Then go to your intuition. Ask yourself, “What is my dreamchild? How do I give it life?” Remember you are a sun of It. 3. Connect with the power to act. 1, Align your intellect with 2, your intuition and 3, bring forth your dreamchild. What do you want to bring forth, to heal, to manifest? Align with the billions on this Earth at this time of year who are aligned with the idea of bringing forth the offspring of God. The energy now in the Earth is primed for it.

You have the Power of 3. As a beloved child of the Divine you have the power. When aligned with the Power of 3, a spark will shine a brilliant sun, and you will have all that you desire.

1. See it! Connect with Divine Mind. Visualize with clarity. See it as you would have it be.
2. Feel it! Align with the feeling of having it.
3. Be it! Live it! As if you already have it, because you do!