June 24, 2012 – The Heart Path to the Christ

6/24/12 Rev. David McArthur

The Heart Path to the Christ

There are those who, in great pain, have prayed to Jesus for help and have gotten it. Others have prayed to Krishna and have touched incredible love. Some do not attribute this beautiful, powerful experience to Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna, and yet their experience is very real. There are those, too, who find deep in their being a voice that says, “Do not put your faith in another. Get about helping yourself!”

Those who call on Jesus call on someone who stepped into the consciousness of the Christ, of that infinite wisdom, an incarnation of God. Is Krishna an incarnation of God? Of course he is! We are all talking about beings of consciousness that have traveled before us and are available to us according to how our soul calls. There are those too that have to do it themselves, but we are all doing the same thing. It’s an awareness of the higher self (Atman) and an awareness of connection with the all, the cosmic soul (Brahman). And it’s ok to get help upon the way.

It’s about learning to love a little more. In her book Love Without End, Glenda Green spoke of her conversations with Jesus. To Jesus, the heart is sacred. He said that it integrates your own unique character with that which is beyond your own comprehension. She goes on to tell us that Jesus said that the highest intelligence is love itself. “Love alone holds the ultimate secrets and solution of existence.” Repeat, “Love alone holds the ultimate secrets and solution of existence.” If you have an experience with Jesus or Krishna, it is love. If you look inside yourself for answers, it is love you have found.

If you want to do it through Jesus, thank God! If you want to do it through Krishna or Hindu chants or through lighting the candles of a menorah, thank God! You are the love of the divine, here, now! Live it! Experience it! Enjoy it!