February 9, 2014 – Receptivity to Abundance

2/9/14 Rev. David McArthur
Receptivity to Abundance

Once we’ve entered into the receptivity of the heart, things happen to us because we are connected to the flow of the infinite through the heart. We can check that by asking, “Is there a flow of love and abundance in my life or are there limitations?”

Jesus’ feeding of the 4000 identifies the level of the spiritual consciousness present there, and is a picture of the spiritual potential within us now. Begin with compassion. The head can think compassion but it cannot feel it. It is an experience within the heart. We have this powerful spiritual potential. It is the Christ Self, the Atman, the Buddha Mind, the I Am. It is there within when we respond to compassion. Jesus had the crowd sit down (and shut up). So quiet the mind. In your heart move from compassion to appreciation (it is so powerful); Jesus gave thanks. They ate and were satisfied. This shows it is a spiritual experience, since the head is never satisfied. Satisfaction is an experience of spiritual fullness—in the flow of compassion and appreciation is the satisfaction of the spiritual self. In receptivity something changes and the experience then is “more than enough”.

Catherine Ponder, the prosperity teacher, says, “The experience of love draws our good to us.” A single mother, needing a car badly, brought the kids together and prayed, “divine love now brings the money to buy the perfect car for us and pay for it without strain.” Things began to move, a step at a time. A cousin was selling a car, but made arrangements with her instead. Then she got a bonus at work and then a pay raise. She got the car “without strain”. Within the experience of “not enough” is “I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough.” When you see “not enough” it is the presence of a block within you. What was within that blocked the mother’s good was healed by the love itself. It brings what is not in wholeness into wholeness. The blocks can be healed.

Catherine Ponder herself was trying to collect some money long owed her when she read, from Emma Curtis Hopkins, that everything is really full of love for you. Your good will come flying to you when you know that what you love is love. All is love. There is nothing in the universe but love. (Your brain will never agree, so tell it to “sit down”.) There is nothing—nothing–but love! Catherine Ponder says, “I felt something hard move in the area of my heart and I breathed more easily.” The money appeared shortly with apologies.

In our receptivity, our experience is always that the block we have held dissolves when a new state of consciousness is reached. The change in the outer—the abundance—is the affect; the real change is in the heart.

There is nothing in the universe but love. There is nothing in the universe but love. There is nothing in the universe but love.
There is nothing in my life but love. There is nothing in my life but love. There is nothing in my life but love.
There is nothing in that relationship but love. There is nothing in that relationship but love. There is nothing in that relationship but love.

You are in the universe; you are love!

February 2, 2014 – The Fifth Step to the Heart: Receptivity

2/2/14 Rev. David McArthur
The Fifth Step to the Heart: Receptivity

What an amazing journey we’re on—this amazing journey to the depth of the heart, which is infinite! I’m so joyful to be doing it with you. Step one, the awareness of how we’re feeling right now, is the beginning of the movement from the mechanism of the mind to that of the heart, to step two: connecting with the heart. Step three is entry into a beautiful spiritual connection, heart feelings. They are all love, and are experienced as joy, compassion, and so on. God is love—not that God loves, but God is love. When I love, I am one with that divine spiritual presence. When I love so does everyone in the world because they each have a heart no matter which religious club they are in. You find peace—peace within you—because it is connection to the divine presence.

Fourth is Heart Asking. We can now enter into creating with this spiritual power the world in which we live. It is the movement from saying God is good all the time to the feeling that God is good all the time, the movement into creating that experience in the world around us.
Fifth. The step today is something created by this journey: receptivity. Receptivity comes from this journey. Each time we take this journey we have an opportunity for an even deeper experience. It’s the request made of Divine Intelligence to respond to us. Divine Intelligence will not take away your ability to choose, nor impose Itself upon you, but respect you. When you ask for Its wisdom and power you get it. It’s always there. Although we see impossibility and loss, it is always there with wholeness and wisdom.
A beautiful gift! An amazing giver! These simple steps take us to a state of being where we are receptive. I am receptive. I am receptive. I am receptivity. It is the nature of who you are when you step into that spiritual self. There is something that lets us go step by step. See the reality of the love that is always there even though we can reject it. All the conditions that say otherwise are not true. You are loved with no conditions. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved. And I love you too!


January 26, 2014 – The Fourth Step to the Heart: Heart Asking

1/26/14 Rev. David McArthur
The Fourth Step to the Heart: Heart Asking

Step 1. is Self Awareness—that point of spiritual awakening which takes us to the capacity to choose. 2. Heart Focus—takes us to the heart, to the capacity to enter into the direct connection with the spiritual self. 3. Heart Feeling—is being at the door of the heart and diving in, feeling love, appreciation, etc. Today, it’s 4. Heart Asking. You don’t have to do this, by step 3 you are already in the place of peace. But Jesus’ teaching, “My peace I give unto you” was to find love in the midst of what’s going on, to effectively transform what’s around you. (If it’s around you it’s yours!) So you’ve gotta take care of what’s there. How? With Heart Asking—accessing the powerful divine intelligence that moves in us and through us.

You’ve heard “Ask, and it will be given to you…For everyone who asks receives.…” I explored this asking for many years. When we ask sincerely within ourselves for guidance it will be given. That’s a law and it works! Sincerity in asking takes you to the peace within and the divine guidance.

Emily Cady taught that God is not omnipotent, but omnipotence; not omnipresent, but omnipresence. All that is not a being having qualities. It is the very good itself—all power—all knowledge. We call on knowledge and power. All it is, is wholeness. We call on taking something not whole and go to wholeness.

God is the very intelligence itself. We come to the fullness of intelligence Itself. When we perceive the divine, the wholeness that is there, we are enlightened, illumined. We ask that it be brought into our experience. Self Awareness. Heart Focus. Heart Feeling. Now, Heart Asking, “How do I respond wisely?” The trick is it requires sincerity. Not asking that the heart agree with what the head has already decided, but sincerely ask with open heart, “How do I respond wisely?” When things aren’t working—we have rejection, anger, hurt—find the road to the greater through Heart Asking. The intelligence is there. It has to be. It is pure love and intelligence.

“How do I respond wisely?” “How do I respond wisely?” “How do I respond wisely?” This is a kick! It takes care of us. We are always invited into a world of wholeness and wisdom. Divine wisdom flows through my heart. Divine wisdom flows through my heart. Divine wisdom flows through my heart. It does. What a gift! Your wisdom is here, now! Bless You!

January 19, 2014 – The Third Step to the Heart: Heart Feeling

1/19/14 Rev. David McArthur
The Third Step to the Heart: Heart Feeling

Today we get to the good stuff, our third step—heart feeling. Our brain is so good at figuring things out we use it by default, but it can only get you to the heart. Entry into the heart, the connection to the infinite, is through heart feeling. The way there is love. But it is not the natural response when we are upset. In difficulty, or just uncomfortable moments, we give our comfort over to someone else. But there is so much love in the heart that we only need to touch a small part of it to get into it. An easy way is appreciation.

Feeling appreciation is what takes us into the power, peace, harmony, and abundance. I was downtown shopping recently and took too long to cross the street. The cars moved closer impatiently till I got to the sidewalk. A motorcycle officer pulled up and addressed me with anger that was far beyond anything that I had caused. Easily embarrassed and trained as a lawyer to point out the other person’s weaknesses, I so wanted to engage him. However, aware of my feelings, I put my hand on my heart and went to appreciation to get into my heart. Now, every grandparent knows that no matter what’s going on, they always feel love when they appreciate their grandchildren. So I refrained from adding to his anger. When he was through getting in my face he left and didn’t even give me a ticket.

Your heart does not give you power over others, but it does give you power over you, and that’s who you are responsible for. You do not need to appreciate the pain the other is in, nor participate in it and make his pain any greater. What you can do is find your freedom. Make that choice to enter into a spiritual connection.

You have the ability to walk this world in peace. You are an infinite being of magnificent power which is always there. When you begin to feel the other way, you have a tool. Enter into the feeling—appreciate God is good all the time! That goodness is in your heart and you have access to it all the time. It’s there! Even weeks after a difficult experience, it’s there!

Step one: self-awareness. Step two: heart focus. Now step three: Heart feeling. You have power. On this, Krishnamurti said, “You will discover that for you, the world transforms.” And an amazing thing happens: the more you find your peace, the easier it is for all others. For your heart being that way, I thank you!

January 12, 2014 – The Second Step to the Heart: Heart Focus

1/12/14 Rev. David McArthur
The Second Step to the Heart: Heart Focus

This is the Year of the Heart, both individually and also for a community of consciousness that touches the world. How do we get there? The first step is self awareness: stop, check, what do I feel—happiness? stress? unlimited anger? peace? Self awareness puts us at a moment of choice. Self awareness is in the brain, but this is the year of the heart. To experience San Francisco, you have to leave Walnut Creek. You can’t experience the heart in the head, you have to leave the head.

The next step is to shift from the head to the heart. Focus your attention on the area around your heart. Sense this part of your being—the energy there, the movement, the warmth. It is easier if you place your hand over your heart. One of the most powerful ways to focus attention on the area around your heart is to pretend to breathe through your heart.

So we got there. Our attention is now on our hearts. Why do we want this? The Koran says that whosoever believes, God guides from the heart. From the Hindu scripture, “I, the supreme Lord, the super-soul in every embodied being…you should meditate upon me within the heart and maketh me the God of life.” In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tsu says, “The great Tao flows everywhere…since it is merged with all things and hidden in their hearts.”

To find it we have to go find it in the heart. It’s the way we are designed. The brain interprets life. That’s wonderful, but it separates. The capacity to understand our oneness is in the heart. We have to choose to focus on the heart.

A nun who managed multiple half-way houses told David that this alone had changed everything. She asked everyone who came in suffering to place their hand over their heart and breath through the heart.

The first step is self awareness. The second step is heart focus. Keep checking in: self awareness—what am I feeling? Whatever, take a deep breath “through” your heart. It’s a beautiful feeling—breathe through your heart—our freeway. Breathe through the heart. “Whatever I am feeling, I take a deep breath through my heart.” Anchor there and bring the energy through the heart. In stress, pain, difficulty, or worry, put your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath through your heart. Watch the shift to the place where you connect with the divine, with greater balance, intelligence, peace. It is profound—it takes us to the heart, the place of connection. It’s gift is peace. Whatever I am feeling, I take a deep breath through my heart. Welcome to peace!