September 22, 2013 – Evolving the Consciousness of Peace

9/22/13 Rev. David McArthur
Evolving the Consciousness of Peace

This moment has the lowest level of violence, war and destruction that humankind has ever had! In other times, we burned women as witches and maintained slavery by constant violence. Repulsive! What kind of people can do that?! But human consciousness has been evolving.

In our lifetime there were many peaceful transitions: the dissolution of the Soviet Union, new democracies, the destruction of the Iron Curtain, and the Berlin Wall was hacked to pieces by students. The cold war ended without a shot, and China went from threat to economic partner. Look at the Arab Spring. In 1989 and 1990 there were 14 nonviolent peaceful revolutions. We are living at a time when peace is present on our Earth as never before! What has happened?

2000 years ago, Jesus said to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. From this consciousness began a transformation of humankind and great teachers have called others to join them. Like Mahatma Gandhi. He threw off his country’s oppressors without killing a single Englishman. He didn’t really teach non-violence, but love. You have to care more for the other person’s safety than your own. The ensuing partitioning of India caused great violence, so Gandhi went into fasting—not a practice of starvation, but a spiritual practice of prayer. It involved accepting 100% of the responsibility for what was happening. In 3 days the violence in Calcutta stopped. In Delhi, the violence stopped in 5 days.

We are changing, beginning to find other ways. It happens with the power of prayer and it comes from forgiveness. It happens every Friday in the Muslim community, every Saturday in the Jewish community, and every Sunday for the Christians who meet and pray for peace. We do it here every week. The work is to send out our love to all people. It starts here. Send out that love. Send healing to all those in pain. “Divine love flows through my heart, enfolding and blessing the world!” In the morning. In the middle of the day when someone really pisses you off. “Divine love flows through my heart, enfolding and blessing the world!” At night, “Divine love flows through my heart, enfolding and blessing the world!” You are not just sending it out, you are the divine presence of peace in the world!