August 25, 2013 – Compassion for our Cinderella

8/25/13 Rev. David McArthur
Compassion for our Cinderella

We bring into life that which is helpful within us. All the beauty you see is a reflection of the beauty and harmony and power within the self. All the junk out there—those problems that show up—that’s within you too! Remember when you could blame other people? But for every challenge you’ve got the wisdom and love flowing through you.

It’s the feelings. Ask: what are the feelings that have been showing up? Remember, the story of Cinderella deals with our feelings. She’s a symbol of when the soul enters the earth. She has no parents. She feels unwanted. We, too, let our feelings of powerlessness, hurt, and rejection keep us from what we want. But in the present moment when we enter into the now we have the ability to see that amazing divine power that responds to that Cinderella part of us.

Yes, we are Cinderella in rags, but we are the Fairy Godmother, too! Take the wand: it’s the focus of your intention. The Fairy Godmother doesn’t focus the wand on the step mother or the step sisters, but on the place where we feel helpless (our Cinderella). She focuses it on the place of love. That’s hard—to focus on love when we feel helpless and under attack. Love them? We don’t even like them! It’s hard!

What can we do? Change comes when I focus on the understanding of my Cinderella in rags. I focus on those feelings with deep compassion that flows from the heart of the divine to the self which is carrying the pain. We are one with this divine love. Send it to that part within in pain. Breathe the feeling of compassion, that tenderness, care, and understanding from your heart to the hurt one inside. Notice you’re not trying to change that one inside, but loving that beloved child of God. Tell it, “I love you just the way you are!” “I love you just the way you are!” “I love you just the way you are!”

Feel that beautiful flow of compassion from your heart. In the days ahead, go back for just a moment to send that compassion to your Cinderella. The rags of unworthiness disappear and you radiate the beauty that you are! It’s the power of your love and compassion that makes the difference and the change. You are the awesome Fairy Godmother!