September 19, 2010 – Discover The Divine Mystery

Reverends Revs. Larry Winn and David McArthur

When you made the commitment to come into this life, everything was put in place for you to accomplish your purpose. When you are on purpose, the universe shows up. But we get the amazing experience of “interruption”. There is value in that experience– our interruptions are divine invitation to a greater purpose.

For example, when you complain, you draw complainers to you and you are surrounded by complaining people. When that is interrupted, you have a choice. We know every thing is God, even when it seems something is not of God. If divine order really is in that interruption, then there is a greater purpose calling to us. We are free to choose it or turn it down.

Jesus, as we need to do, met life in the consciousness in which he lived, and then stepped to the next level, and then the next. In the story of the Canaanite woman, she asked that her daughter be healed. Jesus responded that he was to heal the children of Israel, not to throw their bread to the dogs. She responded with non-resistance, no ego. She knew that her daughter could be healed. Her love for her daughter and her faith that she could be healed awakened Jesus, and He recognized the beauty of the spiritual self of anyone. This interruption awakened Him to a greater purpose.

With every interruption we can journey from our head to our heart. If it’s all God, it’s all love. Look at the interruption as being a call to a higher purpose. The universe loves us so much we have many, many interruptions. At those times, say,

“Divine Love, I am Your instrument. Live Your purpose through me.”