June 2, 2013 – Ease Into The Now

6/2/13 Rev. David McArthur
Ease Into The Now

We have been on an adventure lately, looking at things in a different way. One of the best parts of an adventure, though, is coming home. Right here, right now It is exactly who you are. Here and now, time and space is where you are and where the divine Presence is. Often we’re preparing for what’s coming up, or going over what’s past. But focusing on the now is what I’m reaching for. In the gospels, the term that is translated as “now” likely had more meaning, as in John, when it was written that Jesus said, “as the Father has loved me so how I have loved you. Now, remain in my love.”

It’s a state of consciousness. Being aware of the Presence in the present. How do I get there? I enter the moment not through the head, but through the heart, because in the heart I can have a sense of the Presence. So breathe ease [into your heart]. It’s a natural feeling. It has a sense of flow. You can go from there to other places, such as peace. It has no tension. An awareness comes to you of the loving people around you, of a greater wisdom unfolding—a connectedness with people rather than with stuff—being in the present moment aware of the Presence, of the beautiful people they are, that you are. Breathe the feeling. The feeling builds—a sense of greater order and of flow. Its like slowly floating down a river on a raft and drifting around the bend.

Breathe ease and be aware of the feelings in your body. Be aware of the presence of hope, of those in pain and stress who come in hope and amazing love. They breathe ease, as do you, bringing love and care into this moment. Bringing wisdom; being present with the Presence. Breathe ease. Be aware of the all-loving goodness around you without limit. We are together in a magnificent spiritual moment. That moment is here, now. Welcome home!