February 28, 2010 – Avatar: The Spiritual Journey

Rev. David McArthur

I see You.

The movie “Avatar” is a cinematic marvel that dazzles the eye and metaphysical sense of the viewer. It recounts how we dwell in two different worlds – our human experience of this three-D world, and another of a single life which is omnipresent. The latter is the kingdom of God that Jesus spoke of, where “kingdom” refers to the state of consciousness in which we are fully aware of the presence of God. Thus, learning that we have a spiritual nature is the first step toward spiritual maturity. Leaving behind that perception that we are separate beings that need to take from each other, we become aware of our connectedness to each other and our one-ness with God.

On the next level of spiritual growth, balancing our human and spiritual natures, then, becomes key. We come to know that only by mastering our fear(s) can we be free to fly, to progress to spiritual maturity. However, moving from the state in which the individual says “I have a spiritual nature” to that of “I am a spiritual being” sets up conflict between harmony and abundance, and our human fears. That is when our human foibles attack our spiritual core. Are you living as a spiritual being or are you serving the sleeping consciousness of a human?

Though we do not have the power to overcome our human-ness, we can master the instrument that transports us above the shadows of ignorance. That is why we say “it is not I, but the power within, a power greater than myself, God as I understand Him|Her.” The “still, small voice within”. The gentle spirit. The intuitive sense there is something greater here. After all, there is only one power.

So no matter how much we know about having a spiritual nature, it does not free us from living and dying locked within our 3-D consciousness. But the knowledge that “I am a spiritual being living in a spiritual world governed by spiritual law” frees us to soar above fear and ignorance in harmony and abundance in the light above the shadows.

Now when we greet one another, we can acknowledge what we know to be true of every one of us. We can greet each other by saying “I see You.”

Your Prayer Team


“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller