October 7, 2012 – Cut It Loose

10/07/12 Rev. Sheila Gautreaux

Cut It Loose

Have you ever held onto a dead end job, or a marriage which had run its course? A fig tree that did not bear any figs was cursed by Jesus. It withered and died right in front of Him and the disciples. He told them they could do what He did if they were aligned with their power. They could tell a mountain to move and it would be moved.

Metaphorically, the fig tree represents the human essence, the mind energy, which manifests our lives. The mountain, the seemingly insurmountable things in our lives which consume our resources without producing. How can we let these things go, fearing we’ll have nothing after that? Realize when something is not producing it is standing in the way of your own good. It’s an opportunity to say, “Hey God, where are You? I want to see You. I want to know You.” Awaken to who you are, to the power you are.

When do we cut a job loose? When we are more and more miserable. When we can’t remember the last time we felt any joy in it. When we resent going to it. A marriage? When you have done all you can. When you have done all the therapy and praying to come together. Cut it loose. The flight attendants are told when the smoke is too thick, when the water is too deep, when the fire is too near—get out and save yourself.

There is fear of letting go. “I don’t know. I can’t do it. I’m not worthy”. There is fear of being left alone. But you can’t be alone! We are together in our Mother|Father God. Know it’s going to be wonderful. You are a child of the universe and it conspires for you to get what you need and desire. What created you is standing ready to give you all you need to be what you were created to be!
First, open your mind to see what prevents you from cutting it loose—fear—doubt—a core belief? Then open your hand to receive, a finger at a time if you need to. A closed hand gives the universe no opportunity. It is conspiring to fill the void. Then bless this “mountain”; send it on its way to reach its highest good. And forgive it. It served you, it served your soul.

That job—cut it loose. That dead end relationship—cut it loose. That house you are holding onto which does not bring joy—cut it loose! That fig tree that no longer serves—cut it loose!


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