January 20, 2013 – Br’er Rabbit: Curing the Mopes

1/20/13 Rev. David McArthur

Br’er Rabbit: Curing the Mopes

Bre’r Rabbit had the mopes—he had lost the race to the tortoise and other things were going wrong. So Mrs. Rabbit sent him to the Witch Rabbit deep in the swamp, and it was getting dark. This represents the journey into the heart—a difficult journey. Not everyone gets there. We usually let our brains list all the ways we are not better, not good enough, or not strong enough. Doesn’t fear come right in?

First, Witch Rabbit sends Bre’r Rabbit to catch a squirrel. That’s your first step—grab your squirrelly thoughts and “tie them up in a bag”.

2nd, Bre’r Rabbit has to get a snake hiding in the grass. It looks menacing. It embodies fear. When we run into the experience of fear it stops us and our knowledge of the beautiful power within shuts down. Bre’r Rabbit sweet-talks the snake and when it relaxes, he snares it, holds it up, and goes. If our attention is solely on the fearful thing, that’s all we see. Do we put our attention on the threat of the snake or on the wisdom in our hearts? When our attention is on the heart and what it’s telling us, we open and the knowledge comes. It doesn’t mean the challenges won’t cause pain. But we go into overcare, which is when we focus so much on the hurt or danger, especially for the people we care for, that we don’t go to the guidance in the heart. We let fear of what could occur stop the unfoldment of the greater good. It is not that you fear something that is not really possible, but turn from the fear to the heart. Grab the snake and go.

Lastly, take that fear to the heart and follow the guidance within, even if the path is not fully seen. Bre’r Rabbit’s final task was to get a tusk from the elephant in the forest. He has no idea how he’ll do it, but he goes to get it anyway. The elephant runs into a tree and the tusk just falls off. Sometimes we just have to take on the fear of power we see “out there” over us. But the power (and fear) is in us. Part of the gift of taking on the fear and finding the wisdom is that the fear falls away. It no longer has power over you. That’s when it’s fun!


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