December 30, 2012 – The Secret to Letting Go

12/30/12 Rev. David McArthur

The Secret of Letting Go

You are a powerful child of God! But how do you let go of what no longer is serving you, what you know you have to let go of? How do you take the next step? Emmet Fox, in “The Golden Key”, said don’t think about what you’re trying to let go of. Instead, think about God. Remember, God is good all the time! But easier said than done–a minute later you’re back to thinking about the thing you want to let go of.

So take a look at what you want to let go of. In it there is fear, or loss, and that creates the drain. You can’t let go of it until you let go of the fear, the loss. You have to let go of the thing you give your power to, and the feeling of powerlessness.

The secret is appreciation. Contrary to popular opinion, this isn’t a “random generator” world. If there is something in your life it is there because you said there is something in it for you to gain. Perhaps some growth, like facing insecurity, for example. But once you receive the gain, you don’t need the draining experience anymore and can let it go. It is not the event which is attached to you, it is the emotions.

Think of what you have gained from the experience. Transform by appreciating what you have gained. Feel that. You are powerful, intelligent, and strong. This is a source of healing. You can appreciate the feeling of going forward without the draining emotional experience. In appreciation, use the power of love. We have two affirmations for this: “Love casts out fear” and “Love transforms.”

When you really appreciate what you have gained, it is Spirit saying, “Time to come and let go.” By appreciating what you have gained, you are the wisdom and the strength. Then you are aware of the goodness. God is good all the time! And with that appreciation, you are free!


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