August 19, 2012 – Pooh & Eeyore on Prayer

8/19/12 Rev. David McArthur

Pooh & Eeyore on Prayer

On their way to see Eeyore, Pooh and Piglet stop at a warm place in the wood. “We’ll call this Pooh Corner.”  And using sticks piled up nearby, they build Eeyore a house, as they think he has none. At about the same time Eeyore knocks on Christopher Robin’s door. Even though he lived in the coldest, gloomiest part of the wood, he wanted to go home—but his house was gone! (Christopher Robin represents the Christ Spirit; the Hundred Acre Wood is His and He takes care of everything in it.) They meet Pooh and Piglet who want to show them the house they built for Eeyore. However, it soon becomes apparent to them that they had used the pile of sticks Eeyore had up until then called home. But look! See how nice this new home is! And Eeyore agrees that it is as warm and nice as they say. Is Eeyore in any of us? Do we build in an uncomfortable place just because we’re convinced it “had to be that way”? It might be the health thing, the relationship thing, or that chewing-on-yourself-inside thing.

The doctor told Mandy Hastings that even if her two year old son lives, he’ll be severely handicapped. “No,” she said, “he will be fine.” A gravestone had fallen over onto her boy’s head, and while she and her husband were waiting for lifeflight, she prayed. She says a peace swept over her and she heard, “Everything’s going to be fine. Matthew is in My hands.” Yes, she most likely began praying from fear, but she moved her attention off of the data pouring in (that her brain was using to figure out how bad things were). She moved from fear to that place of love and connection with divine presence and power. Look for that level that brings forth health and vitality. You don’t need to ask anymore for anything. It is there within you. You are that power, that force. The boy was home in two weeks, and is a happy, healthy teen today.

Take a glance at what you’re building. If it’s “not quite enough” or “just enough to get by” or “that’s just the way I am”—it is the Eeyore within you. Activate the greater potential within you through the experience of the love, the pure light of energy of the divine which you are. Build your house, and live, at “Pooh Corner”!


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