March 20, 2016 – Destination or Destiny: Which is the Goal?

Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
Destination or Destiny: Which is the Goal?

Jesus wasn’t a saint. He was a man. He knew what was coming and said “yes”. Everything he said and did was to show us what we could do, that others who would come after him will be able to say yes to their purpose.

I have wondered for a long time why the story of Palm Sunday says that Jesus had instructed the disciples to bring the young donkey colt with its mother so he could ride it into Jerusalem. It’s my “-ism” that he did so because the mother ass would walk with her colt to share its burden, showing that our mother/god would make her presence known to carry our load at the times we can’t take authority to bear it ourselves. And it was a sign of humility, “your king will come humbly.”

Are we willing to say yes to what we don’t even know is coming? Are we willing to let God walk beside us, trusting, and accept our purpose, which was chosen before we came? Are we willing to do what it takes to move to the highest level of consciousness, the Christ consciousness? He accepted his divinity. He knew what it was and he used it. He knew what was coming—condemnation and death, to be hung on the cross between thieves—and he went toward it in peace. He knew he’d never be led to anything he couldn’t handle.

We are saved now from what keeps us, limits us, by our willingness to say we will go and see what lies ahead. The preparation has already been made. Something amazing is about to happen for us. Nothing can stop me or keep me from my goal, my purpose, because the way has already been prepared. We are royalty; without conceit we are to honor ourselves. We are not the scum of the Earth, not lowly worms in the dust, but sons of God. Each and every day walk out “in royalty”.

The story continues, “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” “Name” means “nature of”, so blessed is he who comes in the nature of the spiritual law of highest spiritual truth. When we align with universal laws, the highest spiritual revelations, we can’t fail. When things are put before us God says “prove me”. Put it to the test; exercise your spiritual muscle. “It works if you work it.” With life-threatening illness or loss, put God to the test. Go to see what the end will be. Say yes and go forward, trusting.

To be fulfilled means filled full. The Trinity of Fulfillment is 1) forgiveness—trust and forgive what and who seems to have prevented us from fulfilling our purpose. 2) compassion—have compassion for yourself and others who are struggling to find their way in their misperceptions and unknowingness and are in your way. 3) peace—it comes as we walk our pathway, and it “feels right”. Things hum. It is the peace which passes all understanding. “I feel, I am, peace.” For however long, whatever the pitfalls, Through forgiveness and compassion I find peace. Through forgiveness and compassion I find peace. Through forgiveness and compassion I find peace.

Have a wonderful journey!