August 14, 2011 – Two Ways of Healing

8/14/11 Rev. David McArthur

As Unity people we spend a lot of time bringing the application of spiritual principles into our experience. We believe the energy, the pure love, brings us into transformation of healing or financial challenges. Yet a noted adherent of the Unity teachings revealed he would have major surgery. He said the doctors had found that he had healed himself before from within, but he said this time his guidance directed him to utilize the skills and expertise of the medical profession to bring him healing from outside of himself. It’s all God.
King David brought Israel into a state of national strength. He provided great security for survival of the tribe, and great abundance to taste life’s goodness beyond just survival. Security, sensation, power are the 3 lower chakras. King David is the symbol of love, and from that state he established security, control, authority, and power to make his intention manifest, through love. Use love to draw from the world around to create security, life opportunity, and to have power to create from the outer to take care of yourself.
Jesus also is a symbol of love. His experience was very different. When people turned to Jesus (Who represents the Christ Self, the Atman, the Buddha Mind, the divine self) they were made whole. Jesus looked inward for power and authority. Jesus did not seek control in the outer, but from the center outward. Jesus symbolizes the power of the higher chakras. Dr. Emily Cady said we can call on the abundance to flow through us, without calling in the outer. “God is the all-sufficiency in all things.” Create by calling forth through your own power and authority. Co-dependency is ok with the God “out there”, but it is the divine in us that has the power. Declare from inside out, and then know “It is done.”
Both result in healing. They are two different ways to meet the challenges. One is through the power of love– getting guidance to bring from the outer world that which is needed as an expression of oneness and love. The other is turning within, where the love and harmony is experienced within and is manifested in the outer, from the inner.
It’s all God! It brings the greatest wholeness. It’s all the divine. Call it into being. As it comes forth, celebrate it! Every experience is another miracle!

July 24, 2011 – Water to Wine: Prosperity Steps

7/24/11 Rev. David McArthur

“God forgives you and so do I. I send you peace.” As we forgive we heal and open to that great flow of peace and abundance, to the goodness of God. When we look at Jesus turning the water into wine, we realize that divine intention and energy show up in the material realm as well. It is the experience of opening to the universal process, of attuning to a different level of consciousness, like the wine is so different from the water. Mary stands for the intuitive sensing of the need for transformation. We sense it when it relates to oneself. We often respond, as Jesus said, “My time is not yet come.” But be patient with yourself, you are ready to accept the maturation needed.

The stone water jars represent the structured set way of thinking, like we always tell ourselves everything that is wrong with what we intuitively are drawn to do. The pouring of the water, the pure energy, into these limitations, is the change, the spiritual intelligence, the possibilities. As the “water” is drawn, the master identifies that the good wine is now. It is a demonstration of Divine Intelligence.

When something doesn’t work, we often take it as a sign. But it is a point in the process at which we are to press harder for the transformation. Jesus was the master at transformation. We have to work harder. It is not a personal lack in our lives. The truth is there is spiritual purpose that this is flowing through us.

Even when there is no support or resources for transformation, with desire, (the point where we sense the need of transformation, as did Mary), draw out of that jar. What is in there is what is needed. There is expansion. The real limitations we knew fade. Respect and support are drawn to the person – the “good wine” is there. Within it is the intelligence to bring forth that which transforms. What do we do with the capacities we have, the challenges? The answer is in the spiritual power we have to focus our thoughts and intentions on the possibility, to open the door and let it flow with ease and grace. Being about it is what brings the flow, the joy. Everything we need is there. Call it forth. Call for the good wine.

March 27, 2011 – Unfolding The Soul

3/27/11 Reverend David McArthur

On this journey of spiritual awakening, there are some special things we share. Like the gift of being aware of who you are, a beautiful child of God. And then to see the unfolding of a soul – it’s not just something for a minister. And then to appreciate the ordinary. It is ordinary that we are tremendously loved as children of God– loved without limitation or judgment. A simple but important idea – awareness of God moving in and through your life. It’s there. Not like a raisin in a bun, but like the ocean in a wave.

Affirm, “I am a beloved child of God.” If there is something that would make your connection with Spirit deeper, ask for it. Call it forth. It’s ok to have abundance. Affirm the divine love and presence in your life. Build the feeling of having your good. The feeling is important. Talk about what you have gained in the process even if it didn’t look like it manifested. The journey is of tremendous importance. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the relationship, growing in the divine soul, no matter how we categorize it. It’s the experience of knowing the divine. As we believe and experience the goodness of God it’s ok to have abundance and let your talent and creativity show because you love yourself. It’s ok to love yourself enough to have something that’s special to you. It’s ok because you know that you are loved. And because you grow, you see that light grow in the people you know. It’s ok to empower what’s important in your life, and to recognize that in all the people of the Earth, and to see it in their lives. It is the most beautiful thing. Give thanks that you have gotten that most beautiful gift!

February 20, 2011 – The Answer is Love

Rev. David McArthur (Questions from the 11:30 Service)

Questions? And Answers! In order to ask a question, you already have the answer. The knowledge is within, and the question is the call by Spirit to embrace the answer.
Q: How do we love our enemies? A: As long as we think we have enemies we have work to do. The perception of “enemy” is a perception of separateness. Learning we are one is a sacred process. The “how” is in everything we do – prayer, meditation, seeking guidance, and seeing (with the love of the divine) something coming up so we can heal it. It is love.
Q: Regarding abundance, what is greed and the feeling of entitlement? A: As a spiritual being, know you are in the love of God and entitled to love in abundance. Greed is a consciousness of lack – but it is an inner lack. It invites the experience God as our source. When you open to guidance you open to the flow of abundance because we are to be of service. Align to the flow. We are entitled to abundance.
Q: How do we see someone who is suffering as healed and whole? A: See in that person the spiritual being of infinite power who takes on the challenge of suffering with courage. It is given to that person to meet the challenge with grace and it is for us to see that within them. Our wonderful Heart Ministers are committed to seeing that in us when we forget. We are not alone.
Q: How can we be open when there is resistance? A: Resistance shuts down the flow, as if saying “I’m not ok.” We’ve got infinity. It’s ok if we blow it a couple of times. Be gentle. Have compassion. You’d do it for a friend, wouldn’t you? Be willing to do it for yourself.
Q: Where do we go when we die? A: You don’t. Who you are is eternal. You give up the body – you wear it out. But you don’t wear out. Your consciousness journeys forth. Heaven and hell are not places. Hell is only a motivation to get you to church where you can be saved from it. When you are rid of the body you go to the next level, with love and peace enfolding your being. The place is here and the time is now, always!
Q: What is the metaphysical aspect of grace? A: It’s all grace. That we are here is a gift of love, like God saying,”Come, I want you to have the gift of humanity. I want you to learn of your powers and to manifest your desires.” Grace becomes the experience of who you are – the light, the power, the intelligence, the wisdom to understand the power of love that transforms from within to all the way out to the farthest part of the universe. When Jesus knew his oneness it was then understood: grace comes through and is a state of consciousness.
And the more you know that, the more fun it is!

August 8, 2010 – Manifesting Spirit’s Dream: An African Tale

Rev. David McArthur

God is life. The nature of God is pure love and goodness. We worry whether something is true or false instead of whether it is useful. We know the phrase “life is suffering” is not a truth. However, it is an effective denial that our whining will change anything. Denial is to withdraw your energy from something. So withdraw your power from that which limits you and apply it to that which is seeking to lift you. Apply it to that which infinite power and abundance and intelligence wants to bring forth because it is your own.

That deep desire in your heart is not there by accident. Desire on the heart is God inviting you to what is yours, not what is possible. Withdraw your power from the idea that someone else has control. Withdraw your power invested in reasons that say it can’t be so.

Say, “life is suffering” and then “get on with it.” Apply your power to these steps because they work:

Don’t ask what is possible. What is your hope? What are you about now? Write it down. Prepare. (You have been preparing all this time.)

It can happen for you. Not because it’s possible, but because it’s given. Everything you need is already given.

May 16, 2010 – The Prince and the Pauper

Rev. David McArthur

Emilie Cady wrote, “It is time for us to awake to right thoughts, and know that we are not servants, but children, and if children then heirs. …Heirs of all wisdom, …to all love, …of all strength, all life, all power, all good.”

The heir is the spiritual self, the spiritual being that you are. It is not this marvelous ego that has been developed for us to dance through the world. The ego guides this temporary persona that we have jumped into. It doesn’t know how to be the heir. When you journeyed into life, it wasn’t that you weren’t to meet the experiences that were there, those of abundance and lack, of fear and joy, of peace and harmony and of conflict, because those are ideas within this realm that we journey. The ego is to be cared for by the spiritual self, which guides it into being an instrument to touch the world and know its goodness.

When Jesus said “the kingdom is at hand”, he meant that we can touch life and experience the presence of God. We can experience the goodness of the realm, its beauty, its wholeness, its abundance. We can know the Presence in every experience, and that is the kingdom of heaven, and it is here and now. Just as people from the court go ahead of their prince announcing his coming and making easy his way, know and affirm,

“Divine Love goes before me, making easy, joyous, and successful my way.”

February 28, 2010 – Avatar: The Spiritual Journey

Rev. David McArthur

I see You.

The movie “Avatar” is a cinematic marvel that dazzles the eye and metaphysical sense of the viewer. It recounts how we dwell in two different worlds – our human experience of this three-D world, and another of a single life which is omnipresent. The latter is the kingdom of God that Jesus spoke of, where “kingdom” refers to the state of consciousness in which we are fully aware of the presence of God. Thus, learning that we have a spiritual nature is the first step toward spiritual maturity. Leaving behind that perception that we are separate beings that need to take from each other, we become aware of our connectedness to each other and our one-ness with God.

On the next level of spiritual growth, balancing our human and spiritual natures, then, becomes key. We come to know that only by mastering our fear(s) can we be free to fly, to progress to spiritual maturity. However, moving from the state in which the individual says “I have a spiritual nature” to that of “I am a spiritual being” sets up conflict between harmony and abundance, and our human fears. That is when our human foibles attack our spiritual core. Are you living as a spiritual being or are you serving the sleeping consciousness of a human?

Though we do not have the power to overcome our human-ness, we can master the instrument that transports us above the shadows of ignorance. That is why we say “it is not I, but the power within, a power greater than myself, God as I understand Him|Her.” The “still, small voice within”. The gentle spirit. The intuitive sense there is something greater here. After all, there is only one power.

So no matter how much we know about having a spiritual nature, it does not free us from living and dying locked within our 3-D consciousness. But the knowledge that “I am a spiritual being living in a spiritual world governed by spiritual law” frees us to soar above fear and ignorance in harmony and abundance in the light above the shadows.

Now when we greet one another, we can acknowledge what we know to be true of every one of us. We can greet each other by saying “I see You.”

Your Prayer Team


“Lord’s Prayer” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Walking in the Light” – Traditional, modified for Unity

“Peace Song” – Jill Jackson, Sy Miller

January 24, 2010 – Prosperity Principles: Tithing (weekly series part 4 of 4)

Rev. David McArthur

Here are the steps for bringing abundance into your life this year.

Step 1. Go into the Silence. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God." Affirm "God is my instant, constant, abundant supply."

Step 2. Attune to your purpose. Make your choices in your heart; follow your passion.

Step 3. Open to receive. Remove those blocks to your abundance by freeing yourself through forgiveness. Unburden yourself. "Divine Love lifts me, frees me, and prospers me."

This week's lesson:

Step 4. Expand the flow of good in your life through giving. "As you give it is given to you." Everything is God's after all. But it is not ours to give all. Our abundance is to be used with wisdom. Seek guidance to find what is yours to say "yes" to. The greatest tool for expanding your flow is tithing. It is the acknowledgment that God is your source. It is acknowledging the beautiful goodness that is flowing in you, through you, creating and expanding your physical world. It is knowing that God is your partner. Even loss is God coming through. Yet loss is minimized and gain maximized. Bring your highest perceptions through into the physical. Become an instrument for transformation in the world. And tithing is saying, "Thank You God!"

Thank You God! Thank You God! Thank You God!

You Prayer Team

January 10, 2010 – Prosperity Principles: Finding Your Purpose (weekly series part 2 of 4)

Rev. David McArthur

Sometimes we are sure of our purpose in this life, but the universe does not seem to be saying "yes", we are not meeting with much success at all. So we go within and check our guidance, and the purpose we were sure of is affirmed! Why, then, is the universe not responding with abundant success? This is when we need to re-align ourselves with our purpose. We need to re-align our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. We need to ask ourselves, "What are we showing up with?" Even addiction and childhood trauma can be transformed if we walk through them aligned on purpose.

So to re-align yourself in every aspect, change your consciousness. Bring the power of your heart into it. Our individual purpose is in our hearts, not our heads. It is passion that points us in the direction of our purpose. You have the capability of creating abundance – it is the work you are about. You are to give form to the Universal Energy. Make a choice in your heart. Show up and transform. The universe will say, "Yes!" and abundant success will flow in and through your life.

Marianne Williamson said, “Your playing small serves no one.” Well, living on purpose, manifesting your purpose, is playing “big”. You are not just creating what you are about. Your abundance, your purpose flows into the world transforming it as well. You are creating a different world!

January 3, 2010 – Prosperity Principles: God is the Source (weekly series part 1 of 4)

Rev. David McArthur

"We are one with Creative Energy. It is never depleted. It always responds to us. It must give; that is its nature." – Charles Fillmore, Prosperity

How many forests are in a single apple?

Thoughts of lack limit your wholeness.

There is no thought of lack in Divine Mind. Abundance is in every level. It is your birthright to prosper. You are a spiritual being. Call prosperity into manifestation here and now. Prove it.

Set a time for this every day.

Go into the silence. Seek first the kingdom of God.

Look to God as the Source.

Everything is God.

Pour your living faith into the substance of Spirit.

Affirm God is my instant, constant, abundant supply.

Affirm that in gratitude.

Affirm it in your power.

Affirm it in joy.

God is my instant, constant, abundant supply.