September 18, 2016 – The Art of Letting Go

Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“The Art of Letting Go”

A mountain climber was playing Pokemon Go when he fell off a cliff. He grabbed at a branch sticking out from the mountainside. It stopped his fall. He looked down. He looked up. He cried out, “God, please save me. I’ll do anything!” The clouds parted and he heard a deep voice. “Do you trust me?” “Yes! I’ll do anything!” God repeated, “Do you really trust me?” “Yes! Yes!” “If you trust me, then let go.” The man looks down, and then looks up. “Is there anyone else up there?”

We do that. Sometimes our guidance can be a stretch. We don’t trust it. If the mountain climber had let go there was a ledge just a few inches below his feet, but he couldn’t see it.

There is so much going on in the world now we get confused. Charles Fillmore, in “Dynamics For Living”, said that it is essential we learn to let go to learn something new; that there is a balance between receiving and giving. It’s important we learn to let go.

The scripture I quoted on your handout is from Isaiah 43, “Remember not the former things…” which are the things that no longer serve that we’ve carried from childhood and young adulthood. They have shaped our lives, but a hand closed on the old isn’t open to the new. In Isaiah, God says, “I am doing a new thing…I will make a way in the wilderness (our uncultivated errant thoughts) and rivers (the flow of our vitality) in the desert (those dead things we carry that no longer serve but take up energy in our spirit and body of affairs).” Take for example, an old relationship or job that is no longer fulfilling, yet we stay and are miserable.

My favorite instructor in ministerial school was Dr. Robert Brumet, “Finding Yourself In Transition.” He wrote that each transition in life begins with an ending. But before the new beginning we must first let go. That brings the next stage, the void. We wander until we get to the new beginning. Many transitions are happening in our world and we are called to let go of old judgments, old habits, patterns and prejudices. Many of you are experiencing transitions in your lives right now. Right here, our Rev. David is leaving. We want to hang on, but God is doing a new thing. We must let Rev. David move forward on his new path. If we don’t let go we will be left in “the desert”.

Rev. Denise is coming but can only take us to the door. The ministerial search team is finding our new minister; our new minister will go through the door with us. So we have to let go. We have to prepare for this new thing God is placing in our path.

How do we release? How do we let go? I suggest several steps in the handout.

In step 1, if you have only a little willingness, give it to the Holy Spirit, who will take the necessary steps for you, (ACIM). In step 2 remember to do your work; you don’t want to get more of the same thing you had before. Step 3, there is really nothing to forgive because, as spiritual beings we learn on our spiritual path, and therefore nothing wrong really ever happened. Everyone can find good in those things we need to forgive. Step 4 is the void. It’s ok. Step 5, is ok. Get your cry on, your mad on; beat a pillow. In step 7. Celebrate!

We must Let go; let God. Let go; let God. Let go; let God.

I see for all of us an amazing future! I believe that you and I have the power to create infinite possibilities out of the challenges we are facing. I trust you and I trust God!