September 14, 2014 11:30 – Where Am I

The universe conspires to lead us in the direction in which we will be fulfilled. It’s our curriculum as souls for evolving to our highest consciousness. It’s our spiritual journey. When you are on your journey of spiritual evolution, your old belief systems just don’t disappear. In the parable of the new wine in the old wine skins, wine means the essence of life; old wine means our old belief systems. Putting the new wine in the old skins bursts the old skins. So, like in the parable of the weeds sown with the wheat, let the new beliefs grow to maturity along side the weeds. Then the weeds, like the old wine skins can be discarded.

Emily Cady, in Lessons In Truth, asks if we are in liberty or bondage. Most of us were raised in a church other than Unity. Many of us needed to be free of those beliefs. Something happened to propel us to a new thought teaching. It was something which punctuated our equilibrium (an interruption in your balance). It interrupts the normal flow of our lives. It changes something in the brain, which is wired to then seek a new balance, some place within for dealing with the situation. This is in a natural order to allow us to get to the next level of consciousness. These things aren’t to hurt or harm us. As we evolve, the universe evolves. The greater our consciousness, the greater the consciousness of the universe. Then we find a new balance in our lives. But “punctuating equilibrium” won’t stop until we’re dead.

Our evolution is within. Be in the present moment. If you are in the past or in the future, you are nowhere. Your point of power is in the present. Each of these situations is a learning experience. If you are willing to see that, you are 90% toward resolution of a situation. Each offers another opportunity for healing. So ask, “What is this for?”

Then forgive; forgive the other person for bringing this, and forgive the person before who brought it. And forgive yourself. We judge our experience by the past and project it into…