September 11, 2016 – A Jedi’s Guide to Growth in Consciousness

09/11/16 Rev. David McArthur
“A Jedi’s Guide to Growth in Consciousness”

Our story tellers so often give us information about our spiritual growth, like what it takes to grow into a higher consciousness, to change from the 3rd dimension to the 4th, to move from power to love. As we grow into a greater consciousness it is time to understand the way of the Force.

In a galaxy far, far away, the desire to control others is shown when the storm troopers show up. The need to control comes from our fear. It’s like our thoughts are sent out to tell everyone we are right! You know you are “in” power when you want to control those around you. But when we move into greater consciousness we perceive ourselves as wanting to empower those around us.

In the latest Star Wars episode, when a storm trooper is shot another trooper responds with compassion and removes his own helmet, and we have a personal experience with him as he sees he has to free himself from the thought of control. The thought is the male aspect. In another place a young lady, a scavenger (which is the lowest of their society) responds with compassion to a droid. This is the feminine aspect, the feeling of stepping into a greater consciousness.

Emilie Cady was deeply rooted in her spiritual knowledge. But she had a situation she was unable to transform. Her father, although innocent, was isolated, condemned, and, it’s my guess, incarcerated for years. In all her work she wasn’t able to free him of this. She wrote,
“One day while sitting alone in my room, my hands busy with other things, my heart cried out, “O God, stretch forth Thy hand and deliver!” Instantly the answer came “I have no hands but human hands. Your hand is my hand; stretch it forth spiritually and give whatsoever you will to whomsoever you will, and I will establish it.” Unquestioningly I obeyed… Within a few days my dear father came home a free man, justified, exonerated…”

We have to grow up. The spiritual power is expressed through us, our thoughts and feelings. It’s different from control. It’s what love does.

Emilie Cady had a weak ankle. Her understanding was that any place where her body was not whole was a place of unknown spirituality. So she stepped up to the perception, “There is only God. All else is a lie,” withdrawing any power she had given to a lesser perception (“evil” or the 2nd force), “because God is all that there is.” She was healed.

There is only God; there is only love. Again, There is only God; there is only love. Again, There is only God; there is only love. …for any situation in your life…to live in a place where there is only love, infinite love everywhere present…infinite power everywhere present…for every need, in every situation. When that feeling exists there is silence. We were in the Silence a short time ago. From the Silence thoughts and feelings flow out in infinite love. It’s an amazing journey and we’re all on it. May the Force be with you!