October 6, 2013 – Healing the Country’s Consciousness

10/6/13 Rev. David McArthur
Healing the Country’s Consciousness

Our scientific understanding of intuition is growing. In work on the electromagnetic field of the heart, 4 subjects were wired up. 3 sent expressions of love (appreciation, care, and compassion) to the 4th, who had no clue about heart coherence. Yet his coherence response was very high. He even found it more difficult than usual to get into incoherence and feelings of discord and separation.
Jesus taught, “Love one another.” Were His teachings actually instructions on the work of transforming human kind? His instructions that we are beginning to learn not only lift us each up individually, but change the very fabric of humankind. Love heals the collective unconscious.
When I saw all the violence on the news, I went into judgment. It does feel good to know when I am right. But I had to ask, “What is the contribution we make to that experience of violence? What is needing healing?” Physical violence is an expression of pain, and thus a call for healing. Emotional violence is a call for healing emotional pain. Where we use our control of finances to hurt others financially is financial violence. In Congress, it is an out-picturing of the government’s consciousness, and since it is our government, of our consciousness.

I choose to send love when I see violence. It is our work. We can’t play the blame game anymore. Here we have made a conscious commitment to change violence in the world. Every Sunday we attune ourselves to love and radiate it out to others because it is part of our work. The experience of financial violence is our opportunity to heal the pain deep in our society experienced as financial loss.

What energy of love would heal that? The energy of unconditional love. Feel it go out from your heart. I noticed, however, I didn’t feel it for “them”, but I could feel it for any number of special people in my life. So I just let myself feel unconditional love for a loved one and then I can send that out to anyone! “I enfold you in unconditional love!” Send it to our congressmen, regardless of party, “I enfold you in unconditional love!” —to those doing financial violence in our society, and to those afraid in their own homes of financial violence. “I enfold you in unconditional love!” Send it to members of your own family, too. There is a world seeking to heal. You are here because you are a part of the Presence. You are unconditional love!