October 27, 2013 – God Touches

10/27/13 Rev. David McArthur
God Touches

I remember hearing something that at once I knew was true, yet I did not understand. It was from Emily Cady. “God is the name we give to that unchangeable, inexorable principle… the creative underlying cause of all things… In each individual, He becomes…a personal, loving, all-forgiving Mother-Father…[but] God is not a being having qualities, it is the very good itself…All love in the universe is God. [When you love, that’s God.] All the wisdom and intelligence…is God.” From Charles Fillmore, “I am now in the presence of pure Being and immersed in the Holy Spirit of life, love, and wisdom.” Like experiencing the night sky full of an infinite number of stars, we sense we are part of something greater that moves through us all, as a wave is but a part of the whole ocean. We don’t get to live there, but we touch it and we know it is real.

Having fled a raging forest fire which swept down upon her home, Sandra McFall asked her friend Paul to go back with her that first time. Her greatest fears were realized as she saw the total ruin of her home. She was a professional artist, and had not only lost her home, but her workplace and much of her work as well. Paul did find in the ashes a picture of Sandra’s father that had survived relatively intact. She remembered how she and her parents, as missionaries in Africa, had lost that home too to fire when soldiers swept through destroying everything. She remembered how her father had told her then that everything she needed was inside her. Back at the diner, Paul produced a book he had retrieved from the ruins. It was her mother’s Bible. It was still full of the many notes her mother had made whenever she had seen the touch of God in their recovery from that earlier loss. Sandra resolved that from then on she would count her “God touches” every day.

So everyday I count 5 “God touches”. #1 is that I open my eyes each morning. My thoughts go right to #2—coffee! How it’s so carefully grown and processed and delivered to me. What about that first smile of the day? All that love—that is God. And then stepping out into the fall breeze and sunshine! And when I turn the key and the car starts right up, that’s God—all those parts put together and delivered to me at my fingertips. Emilie Cady said, “It’s not that God has power; God IS power.”

Are you willing to do five a day? It can be the smile you see, the food you eat. The more you are aware of, the deeper is your experience. “Divine love touches me right now!” “Divine love touches me right now!”