October 13, 2013 – A Consciousness of Generosity

10/13/13 Rev. David McArthur
Daily Generosity, and One Outrageous Generosity

After straightening out an order she had screwed up, a waitress continued to serve a large group cheerfully, but their “tip” was a note with a big zero and the words, “maybe you’ll get it right the next time.” What consciousness is that?! The next table had heard them preparing the “tip”, and left her a note, “Don’t let anyone take away your smile,” and a $100.00 bill! Now that was a consciousness of inclusion and creativity. The mind tells us what we get out of an experience. But the heart sees that what we give is ours.

Walking to school, a mother and her small son were reading signs. A homeless woman had a sign saying, “I am hungry and need food.” Taking half half of his sandwich from his lunchbox the boy gave it to her. Then he took his mother’s hand again and continued to school without commenting. A consciousness of generosity.

I have remembered “past lives”, if that’s what they were. I gained much from those memories. From being a war leader instrumental in spreading much human suffering to an obedient foot soldier on the front line, facing certain death. As a woman, I was abused, beaten, and raped; and as a child abandoned and starved to death. But I never experienced anything that I had not given previously. In each of those experiences there was always someone of loving generosity. These people were experiencing their spiritual selves. The more I learned of generosity from them, the more wholeness I began to experience life after life. Consciousness grows over time. Through the generosity of others I began to change. To the saying, “If you give a man a fish…” add, “If you teach a man to LOVE you feed a village for a lifetime, and they will feed the world.”

It’s like there’s a great energy that flows into the people and their lives. If there is a lack in our lives it is a reflection of a lack within ourselves. So we need to increase our generosity and be aware that we are opening our consciousness to this great energy. This week, each day, experience giving a little more, and once this week, give with outrageous generosity. Affirm with me, “Joyously and generously God’s abundance flows through me!” “Joyously and generously God’s abundance flows through me!” “Joyously and generously God’s abundance flows through me!” It does, through you!–and it’s a kick! Bless you!