November 10, 2013 – A Step Towards Wholeness

11/10/13 Rev. David McArthur
A Step Toward Wholeness

When a question comes up one, two, three times, it’s Spirit saying, “Okay, I’ve got something for you to look at.” Here’s one: there’s something going on in your life, but “God is good all the time”—except this time? When facing a serious challenge, you have a choice: where do you place your attention?

A four year old girl is diagnosed with polio. “She’ll never walk again.” Her mother says, “YES SHE WILL!” This was not easy—rural Tennessee, deep poverty, big family, many children. With her mother’s support, the family kept focused and took what steps they could. At six the girl got metal braces; she stood and took her first step. 10 years later, at 16, she ran to a bronze medal in the Olympics! 4 years after that she won 3 gold medals. Fastest woman in the world! Her name is Wilma Rudolph.

The nature of God’s presence is wholeness. But when it isn’t there, it doesn’t mean God isn’t there. Divine goodness is there—as the potential within the experience. Take a step towards the wholeness. Every time the divine IS there. This is the force that we are one with, that is within us. It is what we create with. When it looks the worst is the time to remember “God is good all the time.” Because it is there—it is always there.

Gandhi, so insecure he could not talk to people, ran into a system of brutal subjugation. People wanted to deal with it using violence, but to him that wasn’t wholeness. Knowing he would likely be beaten, imprisoned, or killed, he took his step. He had no idea that it would eventually lead an entire nation of millions to freedom without violence. He just knew that was his next step. And it came from the step before. And that came from the step before. Those things in our world where we don’t express wholeness (relationships, health challenge, “not enough”—money, support, acceptance, whatever)—one step towards wholeness is all it takes.

God IS good all the time. At any time it is potential. What makes the difference between potential and manifestation? We’re what makes the difference. Commit: I am going to do that which I can do—a step toward wholeness. I will take a step toward wholeness. I will take a step toward wholeness. I will take a step toward wholeness.

When you do you will discover that God Is Good All The Time!