May 29, 2016 – Spiritual Power

Rev. David McArthur
“Spiritual Power”

I have known so many wonderful people in the Armed Forces! And I have learned that the power of the force is the expression of their love. In our growing what we are learning is to understand this power that flows in and through us.

Anastacia Jayet’s soon-to-be-published “A Beacon Shattering Into Being,” tells a clear and honest story of a woman’s journey from powerless to powerful. We are all on that journey. Anastacia’s story very much parallels mine, as I have shared with you. She too was a student at the University of New Mexico and in a beautiful marriage with a beautiful baby. She too lost her spouse through violence. Her world came to an end. Anastacia shares her experience step by step. How her deep pain and shock weren’t acknowledged at the hospital as her husband died. How she stepped into powerlessness, giving her power away easily without realizing it. She did not make decisions to favor herself. When we feel powerless we have fear. We give our power away. We push help away. Anastacia said she couldn’t make room for it. All beauty and love in her life were lost. Everything she had known and depended upon had disappeared. Her life became pain and loss.

Years later, with brutal honesty, she looked at her choices and began to see and become conscious. She worked hard to make decisions to carry her forward to her purpose, to connect with the powerful spiritual being she is, and to walk in her spiritual power.

Have we given away our power—through anger, and not living our truth? For women on our planet, taking their power is a major spiritual journey! Anastacia repeated to herself, “I can always get back. I can always get back to my spiritual power for myself and all human beings.”

The place where we accept our power is a beautiful place! You never have to seek from without, but seek from within, from the center of your being. (Center to circumference.) “I do not have to give away my power to receive.” It is always present within. The power of God is within me! The power of God is within me! The power of God is within me!

When we stop separation, we go from separation to power. What happens when we look at people of another religion and we don’t have to call them terrorists? —when we look at transgender and  gay and don’t see then as immoral? —when we look at women and do not see them as property? —when we look at brown bodies and do not see them as illegal.

What happens when we see all of them as children of God? —when we look at each other as people of wisdom and see children of God? That’s POWER! It is that power which will change our world. The power of God is within me!

And you know how to get there through those gorgeous hearts of yours. So go for it!