May 25, 2014 – HeartMath and the Planetary Shift

5/25/14 Deborah Rozman, Ph.D
HeartMath and the Planetary Shift

There’s something going on. In every country, people feel it. While our global media presents fairly standard world views, on a higher dimensional level, people in touch with their hearts are tuning into different energies. There is a wonderful global shift going on where planetary energies are infused by Universal Source.

If we resist these energies, we create more stress and backlash in our lives. If we align mentally, emotionally, and physically with them, we experience more flow. These energies pulse in. They are gifts, though we have to integrate them into our hearts, minds, and bodies to lift the vibration of the planet and reduce the density. This calls for extra compassion and kindness to ourselves and others. Kindness is a power frequency in this shift.

And the shift is speeding up. Our energy bodies are adjusting, and at times this may feel disconcerting. But there is nothing wrong with us. The heart can guide us if we listen to the rhythm. Real security comes when we flow in the heart and follow our inner guidance. The heart is affirming, ‘Yes!’

If we practice, the voice of the heart gets louder and louder. When we fail to listen, we do not need to feel guilty or beat ourselves up. Simply replace the feeling with compassion. Reboot. Get back in the heart and back on track. In this way we rebuild our reservoir of these energies.

HeartMath is an effective means for connecting with our heart intelligence and aligning with the energies of the planetary shift.