May 11, 2014 – Mother as Spiritual Teacher

5/11/14 Rev. David McArthur
Mother As Spiritual Teacher 

From all the things we might feel about mothers—some gave up a child or a pregnancy, and some faced great pain in their lives because of addiction, and the child in their journey felt much of that pain—let’s go to a place in our hearts that is compassion and surround them with it. Know there is a love that holds them dear.

There is so little in the Bible about Mary as mother. The American psychic Edgar Cayse suggests that Mary was an Essene, who were committed to bringing into the world a being of greater consciousness, and so trained their girls in attunement for that birth. So Mary was carefully prepared to support this child physically and spiritually and to teach Him to listen to the highest guidance. I do not know if this is true, but I have lived long enough to say it could be. Now see your own mother as your first spiritual teacher, who showed you how to care, and how to interact with family and friends.

When Edith was 9 years old she lived at the end of the power grid in Arkansas. A great thunder storm was moving through. Father was far away for work; it was just little Edie and her mother. Needing comfort, she talked with her mother, asking about her mother’s need soon for a warm winter coat. Mom replied that she wasn’t worried, that God would provide. Before going to bed, she asked her mom to lock the front door, but her mom said that in their area they needed to leave the front door unlocked, in case someone might need shelter. Sure enough they heard someone come in and they peeked into the room and saw Mr. Hill sitting in the arm chair. He was drunk and Edie asked what others were going to think when they heard about this. Her mom said they wouldn’t tell anyone. He was their guest and they would protect him, that when Spirit brings someone into your care it is a blessing. Soon he left and a couple days after, Edie and her mom came home to find a big bag on the porch. Inside was a beautiful new winter coat for Mom. Edie learned from her mother about giving and receiving, about non-judgment and the beauty of opening to care for others and so much more.

The core to the awakening of ourselves is when we were embraced and held by mother’s arms after skinning a knee or another childhood mishap. We were taught about Divine Love. That is when we began to learn the truth. Remember feeling that? It might have been someone else, but mostly it was Mother who taught us, “I Am Loved with an Infinite Love.” “I Am Loved with an Infinite Love.” “I Am Loved with an Infinite Love.” How mother brought us the experience of that and awakened us to know infinite love! We are loved, and what a joy it is!

And to Mom for awakening us to that love, Thank You!