May 1, 2016 11:30 – Slaying the Dragons of Fear

Unity of Walnut Creek
Rev. David McArthur

Dragons symbolize a God-thought, from our subconscious, of a power that can take our good away from us. We all have felt the fear when “the dragon” withholds prosperity, health, or something we really want. It’s a fear which says, “I’m not lovable.” In Sleeping Beauty, the Prince slays the dragon by piercing her heart with the Sword of Truth. That’s the only way the fear in our heart can be slain.

The Sword of Truth is “you are lovable, unconditionally.” Traditional religion teaches us this when we are young, but then as we get a little older, the rules come in. We are loved IF we do this, don’t do that. The mind takes hold of these ideas, and as we grow and experience trauma, we incorporate the message, “We aren’t lovable.”

There was a mother who was very fearful as she looked upon her very disfunctional family. Her husband was greatly depressed, incapable of holding a job. The oldest boy couldn’t find work and was also depressed. His brother, still in school, was emotionally disturbed and was having and being a great difficulty. The sister was the youngest, and understandably withdrawn at school. The mother was especially fearful for them as she had an illness that would likely take her life. Then what would they do?

She heard that love could heal all, but she felt abandoned and powerless. Nevertheless, whenever she thought of her husband as incapable, she’d catch herself and stop worrying, affirming love for him. So too with her kids and with herself, she’d affirm they were loved. It took weeks, as the negative thoughts persisted, but gradually she noticed her husband was more energetic, taking care of things around the house without her asking. Soon her eldest called, excited about his new job. She noticed, too, that her emotionally disturbed son was experiencing more frequent and longer periods of peace, and her daughter was finding acceptance in school and was happier. Most astounding of all, her… – Captured Live on Ustream at