June 8, 2014 – Kindness for Piglet

6/08/14 Rev. David McArthur
Kindness for Piglet 

One of the very powerful energies now coming into our 3D experience is the powerful attitude of kindness, to choose love instead of fear. We know what to do. The problem isn’t knowing what to do, the problem is remembering to do it.

Often when I want to move from fear to love, an image pops up from the gospel of Pooh which eases this for me: It had rained for some time. Piglet was afraid that he needed to be rescued. Pooh and Christopher Robin felt he needed to be rescued too. So they turned Christopher’s umbrella upside down to use as a boat. It worked. Can you imagine Piglet’s joy when he spied them coming into view, to his rescue?! This is the image that pops into my mind when someone needs reminding that things will be ok. It’s an extending of kindness.

When there is a fearful experience, what is asked of us? Could we choose to send kindness? Send, “You are a child of God. You are loved,” gently holding that connection for someone in their struggle. We aren’t their answer, but we are a presence in their world.

I went to a refugee camp on the West Bank. I went into a house with a family who had lost the father, the husband, because of the struggle there. Aware that we lived in two different worlds, I shared with the mother in the house that I had also experienced the death of a spouse. Almost as a challenge, the woman asked, “Was it by a gun?” I said, yes. When she heard that, she looked into my eyes—women do not normally look into a man’s eyes in that culture. I saw into her soul—the pain, the fear, struggle, loneliness, the fear she had for her 16 year old son who was slipping from her control. I saw the exhaustion, but also the beauty and the strength of that amazing woman. And she saw into me. Later I realized that we had been surrounded by a love which cared for both of us. What had happened was that we had given up separation, that feeling of difference. We were just two people. It touched us both. Somewhere in that connection there was a care and an acknowledgment of who we were.
That’s what we send when we send out kindness to another. It doesn’t change the outer, but the more we do it, the more we invite change. “Child of God, you are loved.”

Hold that awareness of kindness, of love, for three people and for their peoples. Today, President Peres of Israel; and President of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas; and Pope Francis meet to pray in a garden at the Vatican. Send your heart to them. It is a power greater than fear. It dissolves the feeling of difference. Breath that kindness for the people of the world. “Children of God, you are loved!” So when you’re driving down a California freeway, breathe kindness! Enjoy the journey!