June 5, 2016 – Awakening the Power of Our Purpose

06/05/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Awakening The Power Of Our Purpose”
There are times when I really appreciate the fun part of our spiritual growth. I speak of the many aspects of ourselves found in the symbols in Snow White. The King and Queen are symbols of the divine. The male is our thinking nature and the female is our feeling nature. The birth of the Princess Snow White is our birth, the birth of our soul. But the Queen dies and the Dad disappears, off doing kingly things. (We lose our awareness of the Divine Mother along with the Father (wisdom and power)). The 2nd wife, the false or step mother is very vain (“mirror, mirror,” and all that). We end up serving a power “out there”, where we “have to do it THIS WAY”. If we don’t, we’ll be taken out into the woods and killed. This a real, but false, God-thought—do it that way or die. The divine self within us can be suppressed and put into the subconscious (the woods). But the truth remains within.

When Snow White reaches seven, the mirror tells the new Queen that Snow White is the fairest, which so angers the Queen that she orders the huntsman to take Snow White out into the woods and kill her. But he can’t do it.

So the Princess, at 7 years, goes over 7 hills to the house of the 7 dwarfs. (A subtle reference to the 7 chakras.) There she (we) begin to awaken to early spiritual growth (the dwarfs are not fully grown and show some of our aspects with names like Dopey, Happy, Sleepy, etc). But Snow White grows up. (We can no longer stay asleep. Our unconscious become conscious. Our spirituality awakens. Our brain grows up to the fact that we give our power away to the false perception of “out there”.) But the step mother and the poison apple cause Snow White to “die” (fall into a deep sleep, a “death”).

A man named Lloyd Glenn landed at the airport in DC where he was told that his 3 year old son had been in an accident and was near death. He was under the garage door when it closed on him right on his heart. His mother thought he was dead but at the hospital his heart was restarted. The staff called it a miracle. Unfortunately his brain had been deprived of oxygen, and when his father arrived he was told not to expect much. With his father at his side, the boy awakened and cried, “Daddy! Hold me!” The staff was amazed at this show of life. With care, he returned to the life of a 3 year old.

A month later he went to his mom and said, uncharacteristically, “Sit down Mommy. I have something to tell you. When I was trapped, the birdies came and made a swoosh and took care of me.” He called them birdies because they had wings. “They were so beautiful! White, and green and white. They told me the baby would be all right.” He was outside his body and could see the baby (himself) trapped under the garage door. He continued, “They went and got his mother and told the baby to stay and not leave. The bright light was so warm. There was someone really nice there who told me, ‘I love you but you have you go back, play baseball, and tell everyone about the birdies and everyone’s plans,’ because they love us so much.”

Emily Cady said to possess the secret of anything is to have power over it, and that knowledge of God within is power over all. In Unity we know I am the beloved child of God! But thinking it isn’t enough. It has to be felt. That’s the important part. Snow White shows us how: she is awakened when the Prince kisses her. So get kissed!

In Snow White there is the death of the old and the awakening of the adult (the mature spiritual self). That’s when the Prince and Snow White go to the castle to live. (The consciousness; the plan.) I am the beloved child of God! I am the beloved child of God! I am the beloved child of God! The amazing power which flows through you, not “out there” (center to circumference) actualizes your being. And on the way it’s ok to be kissed!