June 26, 2016 – Prayer as Co-Creator

06/26/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Prayer as Co-Creator”

I was back at Silent Unity a couple of weeks ago, the place of continuous unending prayer for the past 125 years. Millions of people from all over the world have called them for prayer. I reflected on how my perception of prayer has changed since I was a boy. Back then I asked for things, like I asked my mom and dad for things. As I got older I got somewhat skeptical, as most of us do.

As our understanding shifts, we realize prayer is creative. We move from supplicant to co-creator. Myrtle Fillmore, a wise spiritual woman, prayed for healing. She knew she was a creative being. “I told the life in my liver that it was not torpid …but full of vigor and energy. I told the life in my stomach that it was …energetic, strong and intelligent. I told the life in my abdomen that it …was alive with the sweet, pure, wholesome energy of God… I did not become discouraged at their being slow to wake up, but kept right on… until the organs responded.” Myrtle Fillmore cured herself of tuberculosis.

Think. As you take a breath, think of each cell athrill with the sweet pure energy of God. That’s a little different perception of prayer. Sometimes I treat prayer like aspirin, using it for any “headache”. But really, with prayer we’re bringing the spiritual pattern of who we are into that which exists. We’re bringing it into our body, whether we’re seeking healing of the body, or of our relationships, or whether we’re seeking abundance. Affirm, I CHOOSE THE FULLNESS OF MY SOUL PATTERN TO EXPRESS IN ME HERE AND NOW!

A minister friend has a little dog that had been going through a hard time. A group which met at her church prayed for it. Soon every evening for three hours the dog roused herself for a few minutes at the top of each hour, then returned to her bed to rest. My friend told the group’s leader, who told her they pray at the top of the hour and they sent friends in three time zones their prayer list!

My friend had a subjective experience of prayer. I’m cursed to be the kind of guy who has to know the objective “how” of things. What happened when those people prayed for the dog? What happened when Myrtle Fillmore reversed a disease not known at the time to be curable? Well, you are one with a force that moves through each and every cell. We are all one. We’re not separate. When we take hold of this power with our intention—when we make that connection—that’s creation!

For me the most powerful prayer is to simply feel love for someone. It carries the power of the creative intention of our world. So feel this love. Send it through your family. Send it to families around the world, to children, moms, and dads. Some are in harmony and some are in conflict. As you do, hold them in perfect peace. Can you feel just a little peace for them? Now send it to their communities. Feel it. Gently feel that peace. We’re spiritual beings and this is what we came for. Feel it. DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY HEART. DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY HEART. DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY HEART. And as it does, it unfolds and blesses our world. Peace IS this moment!