June 15, 2014 – Love to the Millionth Power

Patricia Grabow with Rev. David McArthur
Love to the Millionth Power 

Some of us get to look beyond the experience we call death. Patricia was killed in an auto accident in 1980 in London. In that near-death experience, “I experienced Love to the Millionth Power. You cannot put words to it. It is something beyond any imagining. I was love and it was me. It was everything I ever wanted in life. Then I found myself in a hospital bed with a tremendous gravity pushing me down.” She then had to return home to Seattle alone. “I was suicidal and barely made it through the night. At that point I’d try anything that might help.” It was suggested she try meditation and automatic writing. It did help and she found she also was getting guidance. “It is guidance that is here and present with all of us. So I just did what my guidance said. I had nothing else to hold onto.”

This is about getting beyond the body to your consciousness as a spiritual being, to the reality that is greater than this one. It is pure love. It is the nature of that reality. It is an awareness of Divine Intelligence that is there for us all. And it’s ok that we aren’t always aware of that reality because it is so much more than this one and so difficult to have to return to this (3D) reality.

“Over the next 30 to 100 years, we’ll move from a fear-based, sin-based paradigm, to a paradigm based on love. It is a huge shift within the heart to adjust to these changes, to the understanding that everything comes from within the heart. Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon and near-death survivor says consciousness does not reside in the brain; the brain is a filter of consciousness. There is no death! It is so important that we remove ourselves from that paradigm.” There is a presence—a presence in the present. There is only love in the present time. Love to the millionth power! That’s it!

To really make that transition, let the heart do it. You’ll find two things: First, imagine what this can do in the world. People can do so many things just because they are afraid of dying. Second, the solutions to the problems we have are in love in the present time. Solutions are found in love. They are not found in fear or pain or sorrow, but in love—that state of consciousness that connects us all. Just continue to do what you are doing. This [UWC] is such an important place! Make the commitment this week to look at love in the present time. Stop. Be aware of the life you are experiencing in the moment, the love that is there in you.