June 12, 2016 – The Power of SHE

Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“The Power Of SHE

Quantum physicists talk about the male and female energy of planetary and particle movement. God, which is the universe, is a perfect balance of male and female energy. The time is right to focus on merging the divine feminine with the divine masculine in our lives and in the world to see a shift in war and violence. The masculine energy is out of balance. When it is out there by itself, there is force and then push-back. The key to all this in our world is for the masculine energy to find balance with the divine feminine.

The Biblical story of Deborah tells of the only woman to be a judge, prophet, and general of Israel. Deborah means “bee”, spiritual discrimination, activity. She was the first woman head of state. On guidance from God, she told a general, Barack (means executive aspect of active will) how to defeat one of Israel’s enemies. He responded, “I will only go if you go with me.” This is the first place in the Bible where the divine masculine and the divine feminine come together to overcome. When the mind (the masculine) and the heart (the feminine) come together, we are power—not “we have power” but we ARE power! When we have power, it can be taken away, but when we ARE power it can’t be taken.

How will it affect our innocents, our water, our food, when the masculine cooperates in a scenario that takes all of them into consideration? Would not the balance of the masculine (mind) with the feminine (heart) defeat our enemies within and without because we bring harmony to our decisions?

How do we teach our young women about force? We have taught our daughters power is something to HAVE, not to BE. But within, they have masculine and feminine, and when they align that, they ARE power. And we are called to teach our little boys compassion, nurture, gentleness. We must stop telling them, “Boys don’t do that.” And we must stop telling our little girls, “Girls don’t do that.” It is our responsibility to share this with our children. We must redesign our school curriculums for this. And we must revamp our sports programs to reflect these values, personified by the late Muhammad Ali. We can, when about to make a decision, ask ourselves to seek balance with our masculine and feminine energies and seek a decision for the highest good of all.

Now we are asking men what they think, and women what they feel. What if we ask men what they feel and women what they think? Will it help? We’ve got to change our language, and how we speak to little boys and girls. Ask yourself, “Where am I out of balance? What can I do to bring myself into balance?”

When mind and heart are one, I AM POWER! When mind and heart are one, I AM POWER! When mind and heart are one, I AM POWER!