July 31, 2016 – The Wisdom of the Heart

07/31/16 Rev. Denese Schellink
“The Wisdom of the Heart”

I’m not always clear on what I should do, but I do pay attention and I listen to my heart. I’m reading “The Power of The Heart” by Baptist de Pape. He recounts how he had prepared for a career in law and was offered a position with a prestigious firm. But when it came time to sign the contract he couldn’t do it. He had a “broken open” heart experience where his heart told him not to sign. The heart is the portal to the divine. When God says, “Hello! You’re not moving in the path best for you,” it can be very painful before the joy comes through.

Did you know the heart produces the hormone oxytocin? It magnifies the love/connection we long for. We are here to love and be a non-anxious presence. We are here at Unity to awaken to who we came here to be. I don’t just want to learn about God, I want to KNOW God.

Baptist de Pape came out of his devastating change when he, fortunately, saw Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey’s series on The New Earth. At one level our world is in turmoil. We are at a paradigm shift of consciousness, hospicing the old and birthing the new. We live in both. We live in the place of unity, seeing the Christ in one another, and then we go out in the world, and we say, “Who are these people?”

Paradigm one has an air of fear, distrust, “I’m right; you’re wrong,” separation, miscommunication, win/lose. There’s the anxiousness: “you’ve done something to me.” We can believe it or rise above and shift our consciousness.
Paradigm two is one of cooperaton, of “enough”, of generosity, love, trust, acceptance. No one is against me. The entire universe is here for me. It is one of infinite possibilities. Abundance is here and now. What someone else thinks of me is none of my business. Yes!

The two paradigms are colliding. There’s upset. Our job is to hold the space between them. “Out beyond right and wrong I will meet you there.” (Rumi) That’s where we want to dance, where we honor all and everyone gets to come to the table. Learn to be that non-anxious presence. Heal. Embrace the human and express the spiritual. Know your shadow! If we can embrace what it is we can create a world for all. Then your gift comes easy.

Colonel Sanders retired when he was 65. His first monthly Social Security check was only $105! That’s when I believe his heart opened. He asked himself what was his gift, what could he do to have more? He knew that he made great chicken. He began by selling it to his neighbors and you know he soon made millions.

There’s a story about a pair of twins in the womb. They laugh and play and feel it’s great to be alive. “How great is our mother’s love that she shares her life with us!” “Maybe there’s life after birth.” They saw that others had been there before them, but none returned to tell if there was life after birth. Neither had actually seen their mom. Had they made her up? But at birth they cried for joy because she exceeded their dreams!

Be the presence of peace and create the new Earth. Thank you God for this day of awakening and remembering why we came, for this day of convergency of the 2 paradigms. Thank you for our incarnation. Thank you that our divine is expressing. Thank you God! So it is.