July 27, 2014 – Sleeping Beauty, Part IV: True Love’s Kiss

7/27/14 Rev. David McArthur
Sleeping Beauty, Part IV: True Love’s Kiss

Central to both “Sleeping Beauty” and “Maleficent” is the point of transition, the point of healing the pain caused by the spinning wheel. It changes at True Love’s Kiss when we awaken and can then walk free.

In “Sleeping Beauty” the Prince (us, knowing we are children of God) heads into the forest to bring awakening to Sleeping Beauty, an unaware peasant. It’s a noble response of the soul to the understanding that we are all one. It’s an opportunity to be in service. It requires giving, facing pain (the fire of the dragons). But there is no heaven in the forest; they have to go to the castle.

In Maleficent the Prince goes through the challenges to get up to the Princess in the castle and he kisses her, but she sleeps on. There was no response to the nature of the divine (we see ourselves as separate). But the Princess awakens from “the mother’s kiss” by Maleficent (as the nurturer). Care and service flowed through Maleficent. We awaken to the change of the flow of spiritual energy.

It’s about giving it away! In the beautiful twelve step path it is not done until the twelfth step is done, which is to take it to another alcoholic. It is not done until it is given away. We step into that presence of divine love through service. Krishna tells Arjuna, “I am the super soul seated in the heart of each of us.” So when you give you are serving the one that lives in each of us. Jesus said, “what ever you did for one of the least … you did for me.”

Jasmina, in Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart, recounts that in the state of appreciation she could see her heart energy grow. In a disturbed or traumatic state she would go into seizures. She was keenly aware of her “heart work”, and that she could work with others healing from brain trauma. She gave what she had away to others. And when she gave it away, she healed too. When we touch the true love we step into the divine.

It’s not just “doing”, it’s not just “showing up”. It is the giving of love through what you do. That is the service. Ask, “How can I serve today?” If you are not ready and willing, though, do not ask! Are you one who says,”I have to do everything for everybody all the time”? Ask anyway. You might get, “Leave them alone today. They’ll be ok.”

“How can I serve today?” “How can I serve today?” “How can I serve today?” Just feel yourself opening! Feel what you are calling forth. When you are ready It will say, “I have exactly what you can do today!” And you might just enter into the state known as “Happily Ever After”!