July 24, 2016 – What Am I Contributing Now?

07/24/16 Rev. David McArthur
“What Am I Contributing Now?”

Doc Childre has said he believes the soul and the true self are aspects of our being that vibrate at a higher frequency or consciousness than our everyday awareness, until our everyday self merges with it. My perception is that humanity’s purpose is to raise that vibration. What are you contributing to this upleveling? What is our part?

Every time you feel an uplevel, a harmony, you feel good, don’t you? But often we feel we’re in an uncomfortable place. It’s an inner compass. How do we transform that discomfort into wholeness? We do have programs, but in just ordinary time we’re just hanging out, feeling blah, whatever. Wouldn’t it be different if we made that ordinary time an extraordinary contribution?

Make this difference by stepping into 2 frequencies/feelings/energies: ease and appreciation. I find they flow together in an amazing way. When we’re resting in ease/appreciation, our hearts are open and the spiritual consciousness flows through us. It’s a core, foundational energy of the soul when harmony, divine order, is felt as natural. It’s simple, easy, to get there. Appreciation is one of the easiest ones to get to—there’s so much to appreciate!

Kathryn and I were backpacking in Wyoming when suddenly there were snowcapped mountains in front of us and at our feet this beautiful mountain meadow full of flowers. It was a moment when my head forgot to do anything. What ease and appreciation in that beauty! It was just “Wow!” A moment to see the world differently. Day in and day out we can choose, “I am easing into appreciation.” Spirit is moving through us. We’ve opened that door. We’ve invited it in.

I spoke last week of Evelyn who was orphaned at 16. She had been a 4.0 student, joined all the clubs and looked forward to going to a prestigious university. After her mother died she dropped out of the clubs, neglected her studies. She went to the local college. It was easier. Her older sister, who had become her guardian, insisted she enter the Miss Teen America pageant, and it was easier to go than to argue with her sister. But the says she felt a different energy there. Although she was eliminated in the first round, she and her sister stayed. She says she appreciated the girls’ poise. She remembered when she had felt that confidence. I believe the pressure was off and she entered into a state of ease. Spirit showed her how far her depression had taken her. She had been depressed for years. But this time she ‘got it’.

When we’re just hanging out in ease, Spirit shows up. One day, from our cabin in Montana I was gazing at the incredible beauty. I was not thinking about the legal practice I just started, or about my application to teach environmental law at the college. I was in ease. And I got the idea I should apply to Unity ministerial school—without any good reason why I should. In ease, you have a time when Spirit says, “Now that I have your attention…!”

Jesus told us in Matthew 11:28, “All you who are weary and burdened… Take my yoke upon you and …you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” That’s the experience of ease.

Say with me, I am easing into appreciation. I am easing into appreciation. I am easing into appreciation. Isn’t that a beautiful place to hang out? Journey each day easing into appreciation!