January 9, 2011 – Let Your Big, Bright, Brilliant Beam of Radiant Light Shine

Guest Speaker: Karen Drucker

Let your big bright beam of light inside of you shine!  When you are shining your light your energy is up and it helps everybody else around you.  When you “get” your divinity you come alive.  You can see it in other people– in their eyes.  “I am the light of the world” refers to the divine light within us.  Stand up and let it shine.  Say, “When you see me you will see Spirit.”

Shining is a choice. Say, “I am not giving my power away!”  Connect to that power.  Change yourself, but only go as fast as the slowest part of you will go.  (That’s the other side of this.  Hold yourself as if you were holding a baby.)  But you will know when it is time to shine.  So practice everyday– practice kindness.  Be aware of the people around you.  Notice people.  Shine.  Twinkle.  Sing, “You are the face of God.  I hold you in my heart.  You are a part of me.  You are the face of God.”

Clutter dims down your life.  Clutter is the things that don’t represent who you are anymore– the clothes that don’t fit, the old books you read decades ago.  Everything has energy.  Are there things in your  life that no longer serve you – a job?  – a friend?  – that dim you down, even slightly.  Clutter will make you feel overwhelmed and stop you from expressing Spirit.  It is who you used to be.  You send a message to the universe that you want to stay with what you used to be.

Then what brings you joy?  Who brings you joy?  How much am I allowing life to come in?  Make a point to ask, “What is it in my life that will light me up today?” To amp yourself up and clear the clutter out, go to gratitude every morning.  Sing, “Gratitude above me.  Gratitude below me.  Gratitude before me.  Gratitude behind.  Gratitude to the left of me.  Gratitude to the right of me.  Gratitude above me.  Gratitude below me.  Gratitude within me.  Gratitude all around me.  I’m so grateful!  I’m so grateful!  I’m so grateful!  I’m so grateful!  I’m so grateful!

Affirm, I am a big bright radiant being of radiant life!  I shine that light to everyone everywhere!