January 26, 2014 – The Fourth Step to the Heart: Heart Asking

1/26/14 Rev. David McArthur
The Fourth Step to the Heart: Heart Asking

Step 1. is Self Awareness—that point of spiritual awakening which takes us to the capacity to choose. 2. Heart Focus—takes us to the heart, to the capacity to enter into the direct connection with the spiritual self. 3. Heart Feeling—is being at the door of the heart and diving in, feeling love, appreciation, etc. Today, it’s 4. Heart Asking. You don’t have to do this, by step 3 you are already in the place of peace. But Jesus’ teaching, “My peace I give unto you” was to find love in the midst of what’s going on, to effectively transform what’s around you. (If it’s around you it’s yours!) So you’ve gotta take care of what’s there. How? With Heart Asking—accessing the powerful divine intelligence that moves in us and through us.

You’ve heard “Ask, and it will be given to you…For everyone who asks receives.…” I explored this asking for many years. When we ask sincerely within ourselves for guidance it will be given. That’s a law and it works! Sincerity in asking takes you to the peace within and the divine guidance.

Emily Cady taught that God is not omnipotent, but omnipotence; not omnipresent, but omnipresence. All that is not a being having qualities. It is the very good itself—all power—all knowledge. We call on knowledge and power. All it is, is wholeness. We call on taking something not whole and go to wholeness.

God is the very intelligence itself. We come to the fullness of intelligence Itself. When we perceive the divine, the wholeness that is there, we are enlightened, illumined. We ask that it be brought into our experience. Self Awareness. Heart Focus. Heart Feeling. Now, Heart Asking, “How do I respond wisely?” The trick is it requires sincerity. Not asking that the heart agree with what the head has already decided, but sincerely ask with open heart, “How do I respond wisely?” When things aren’t working—we have rejection, anger, hurt—find the road to the greater through Heart Asking. The intelligence is there. It has to be. It is pure love and intelligence.

“How do I respond wisely?” “How do I respond wisely?” “How do I respond wisely?” This is a kick! It takes care of us. We are always invited into a world of wholeness and wisdom. Divine wisdom flows through my heart. Divine wisdom flows through my heart. Divine wisdom flows through my heart. It does. What a gift! Your wisdom is here, now! Bless You!