February 28, 2016 – Giving Leads to Guidance

Rev. David McArthur
Giving Leads to Guidance

Last week we talked about finding guidance in meditation, prayer and deep heart connection. A step which is seldom used to teach guidance is giving. It creates guidance and guidance creates giving.

The nature of this animating presence within, which calls us to wholeness, is flow. It brings into manifestation the things we need. Jesus said, “Give, and it will be given to you… with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” It’s not often I feel like correcting him, but I think the measure to you is always greater than you give. Giving causes blessings with the material, with time, with your talent, and in illumination as well. Giving puts us in that flow.

One night at three a.m., Kev got guidance to go to the beach and play his guitar. It was misty and cold and he saw only two others. He began to play. One, holding a broom, came up to Kev and said, “That is so beautiful!” She pulled a few coins from her pocket and asked him to play for Annie, indicating the other woman who was bundled up tightly and sitting against the beach wall. “Annie doesn’t talk. She’s been going through a hard time.” Kev agreed to play, but only if he could do it for free.

As he played he felt deep compassion for Annie, bundled so heavily with her hat down over her face, even wearing sunglasses. She took off the glasses and Kev saw tears on her face, and she spoke. “How did you do that? I felt the music in my heart!” She pulled a few coins out from somewhere, but Kev said, “I can’t take that.” A few morning people had gathered, and one told Kev, “I want to give you some money. It would mean a lot to me if you gave it to her.” Feeling completion Kev readied to leave, saying, “whenever I play, good things happen to people.” Annie said to him, “I do believe good things happen when you play.” Broom lady said, amazed, “She has never spoken before!”

Guidance at 3 a.m. was taken. Kev didn’t know why or what, but even the homeless broom lady wanted to give. And Annie wanted to give, to participate in the experience, and a man wanted to give and they gave to Annie. It changed that place so dark where you can’t speak to one where there is hope.

When you give there is blessing. There is flow. You have done this and you have seen others blessed around you. Giving brings forth our caring, our guidance. It is the flow of divine love through our lives. God blesses through you, through your giving of your talents, your caring.

God blesses through me. God blesses through me. God blesses through me. Open that door of guidance, of flow. You are one with The One, with that infinite flow of wisdom. It is our opening to that which brings joy, guidance, and peace. I know you know that it flows through each one of us. Because you know, I thank you!