February 21, 2016 – Love Guides My Way

Rev. David McArthur
Love Guides My Way

Guidance is there with each of us at every moment. With it we can ease through life. We are not meant to suffer or struggle our way through anything.

When I was learning the new world of my legal career I was in a relationship which was really important to me. I was fairly intelligent and analyzed it in my head. I could list all the reasons to spend our lives together, and all the doubts. I really didn’t have a clue. Was this woman to be the life-time mother for my little girl? Or were we simply in a wonderful relationship for the time and then with love and respect we’d go our separate ways?

I was learning as well the world of my spirituality. So I went to my heart to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things will be given you.” We created an affirmation together. If we were right for each other and are to be together, that it would become clear to both of us; or if not, then that would become clear.

Then about a year and a half later I was at my parent’s looking out at the beautiful mountains beyond Jackson Hole, and suddenly I knew. I knew it would be right. I wasn’t “thinking”, I was “knowing”, and with that knowing the questions disappeared. So I proposed and June is our 40th anniversary!

I found guidance works better if I check in regularly. The guidance is always there—such love, such care! Whenever I feel uncomfortable it is one way I know I need to get into the connection with my heart. This is checking in, looking forward, “what are my next steps?”

There is a difference when change happens in the moment. Lani, who leads our youth program here, has a deep connection with her spiritual self. At her job at Whole Foods she was called into the office. She had lost her job. Her immediate reaction was to put her hand on her heart and focus on the love there. She told me she knew she was cared for. She told her supervisors that she understood how this was hard for them, that they had to do what they had to do. She chose not to be a victim! And she told me her guidance when she got the job had been clear that she would work there for 2 years, and it had been two years and two weeks! It was time she move on.

There is an intelligence, a path to your soul that will reveal itself to you. It is love. Love will guide your way. When you get to the knowing the yes/no argument fades. The soul has said “Yes. What I have for you is already prepared and is waiting to be given.” Affirm, Love guides my way! Love guides my way! Love guides my way! It’s a beautiful, beautiful experience. Whatever you need to know is already given. Ask! Go to the beautiful wisdom of the spiritual being that you are. The response is love. That’s what guides your life!