December 26, 2010 – There’s Hope

Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.

This is the season of hope. The season of energy, hope, and possibility is at its height. Even in the face of violence and fear there is hope– you cannot destroy the human spirit. It will rise up and more than survive, it will thrive. Hope is not a weak energy. Hope is to “expect”, to know that something is coming. You have a “confident desire”. You are certain and you will persevere until it happens. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen.” Hope is the match that lights the fuse of faith. They go hand in hand. Hope is having our power engaged, knowing our good is already given, manifested. You can’t help yourself from moving toward it. Hang on to possibilities enthusiastically. There’s hope!!!

Hope is having your past erased. It doesn’t matter what you did. Who you are is a child of God. Congress and unemployment are not your source. Hope is holding your possibilities, your power, engaged enthusiastically. Hope might be a teeny tiny small flicker. Hold on. It expands, gets larger, until the faith is engaged and nothing can stop you. Here are the steps to do this–

Step 1) H Heal past core negative beliefs, forgive those whose negativity you learned.
Step 2) O Open the channel for the flow of good by loving/giving/serving – not martyrdom. Giving and receiving are the same energy– and it comes back multiplied. Know it is not about them– it’s about you.
Step 3) P Perceive perfection in everything. Be willing to. Be willing to be willing to. Holy Spirit will do the rest. See it;believe it. It will rise up and show itself to you. When something goes badly, know it didn’t happen to you, but it happened for you.
Step 4) E Energize. Move forward eagerly. Everything awaits you. Expect. Express. Engage. It will happen if your expectation is based on the expectation of perfection and you have healed your past. “It doesn’t cost a thing to smile. You don’t have to pay to laugh.”

HOPE – Heal – Open – Perceive – Energize. No matter what is going on with you now, there’s hope. Light the flame! The God we serve can bring anything back 100%!