August 7, 2016 – Treasures from the Shadow

Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“Treasures From The Shadow”

From Debbie Ford, one of my teachers:
“The shadow contains all the parts of ourselves that we try to hide, deny or suppress… Most of us expend huge amounts of energy …to hide our bad qualities from those around us – even from ourselves.
The result of turning our backs on our dark side? A life that slips by only half lived. Dreams … never realized…lay buried… Until we make peace with our shadow we will continue to be at war with ourselves…What we resist persists …Until we take back our power and forgive ourselves for being human we will attract people who push our buttons… All we have to do is look at how the outer world treats us. If we’re not getting the respect, love and appreciation we desire from the outer world, it’s more than likely we aren’t giving these things to ourselves… The whole world is a mirror of our own consciousness, and when we make peace with the disowned aspects of ourselves, we make peace with the world.”

We are on the threshold of a quantum shift in consciousness. What comes up to be revealed comes up to be healed. 90% of our shadow is formed between the ages of 7 to 10 from what we heard or thought we heard. “Don’t be so selfish.” “That other kid is always so kind. He shares his toys.” We hear the difference and want to be unselfish and so we give our selfs away. There is resentment underneath. We are whole; there are times to give to others and times to give to self. The law of the universe is giving and receiving. This means loving our shadows. It gives us balance. It is not selfish but self-full. There is good buried within.

A young fellow told me he was 8 when he was introduced to violence. His life became violence and drugs until he got his teenage girlfriend pregnant. Then he knew he had to bring peace into his life. He found balance becoming a pro in martial arts. Another person this morning said she wakes up with her shadow every morning and pretty much goes through the day in it. It is a method of protection, but becomes so uncomfortable we project it on others. So remember, when you’re pointing you finger at someone, the other 3 fingers are pointing back at you. We have to own it, recognize it’s part of us. As we take ownership of what is expressed it disappears. In the 23rd psalm the Death in the Valley is that stuff. It does not want to be denied. It seeks recognition. But we can heal.

The steps for healing are IAAAFLC (not the Aflac duck; refer to the handout attached). I is for inventory of the stuff we’ve buried. A is assessment, where it came from; how it started. The next A is acceptance; then A for appreciate it, bring self care in. F for forgive. Forgive it, forgive yourself, your parents, siblings. They did the best that they could at the time. L: love. I can’t expect you to love me if I don’t. C is compassion for your shadow, your self, for the expression of it in today’s world. They’re doing the best they can with what they have. If they knew better they’d do better.

We are close to 1% of the world population being at the higher level (the critical mass). We are created in the image and likeness of that which created the world! We can do it!

I love and accept myself just the way I am in all my Power and Magnificence! I love and accept myself just the way I am in all my Power and Magnificence! I love and accept myself just the way I am in all my Power and Magnificence!