August 16, 2015 – Giving is Abundance

08/16/15  Rev. David McArthur

Giving Is Abundance

We get to play with creative spirit by giving—choosing where divine abundance goes. In a story Jesus told, wealthy men passed by the treasury and dropped in large donations from their abundance. A poor woman’s small gift “was all she had to live on.” She gave everything. As a woman, she represents our feminine, our feeling side, which was experiencing poverty, lack. Jesus, the Christ, the Atman, our one-ness with the divine, sees her act as a transition from a place of poverty to “It’s all God”, our consciousness expanding into this awareness.

One of the Five Pillars of Islam is giving as growth in spiritual awareness. It’s our true nature. Often young people haven’t gotten into adult patterns yet. A six year old walking to school with his mother passed a homeless lady with a sign “I’m hungry. Please help.” Without hesitation he took out his lunch and gave her half of his sandwich. It was a natural thing for him to do. The child says, “Of course. We’re all one. I can rectify this; I have and you don’t.”

A nurse helping with a food line somewhere in Africa saw a young girl get only a single slice of bread. The nurse knew it was all the food the girl would have that day. But she had to hide her tears when she saw the girl tear it in two and hand the larger half to her little brother. That’s who we are. Of course!

It feels good to give because we are experiencing the divine within us which we truly are. It’s the nature of the divine to give. No giving “when you get your act together”. We experience that divine presence in a very beautiful form moving through us.

And it comes back multiplied, blessing us. We don’t know how it will happen. On his way to work, a young man stopped to buy his lunch. The woman behind him was obviously very nervous and worried. So he paid the cashier and grabbed a single rose at the checkout. Giving it to the woman behind him he told her to have a good day. Later he was called to a meeting to meet a new corporate executive and it was the same woman! She was very thankful for his gift; this was her first day. You never know how you will experience the flow!

Sometimes you think you cannot give. A homeless man on the street was trying to care for some kittens but couldn’t find enough food for them. A man with a dog gave him some money and the homeless man explained he needed to find a better home for the kittens. So the donor took them to his vet. She was so touched she found the homeless man and gave him a part time job and a place to sleep.

God’s blessings flow generously through me. God’s blessings flow generously through me. God’s blessings flow generously through me. As we experience that it’s part of what we call fun!