August 14, 2016 – Outrageous Generosity

08/14/16 Rev. David McArthur
“Outrageous Generosity”

When we go into the deeper love, that which is not like that deeper love shows up to be healed. There is a secret: in dealing with this lower vibration which shows up to be healed, go to a higher vibration. Rise up to that level of consciousness which is the nature of the divine. Among those higher frequencies, higher vibrations, there is one which has meant more to me. It is generosity. It is the very nature of the divine, the expression of the divine.

Remember when we talked about tithing and the experiment of a Quaker church in the thirties. Testing biblical law, they took a quarter inch of wheat and sewed it, then tithed on what was harvested from that one crop. Every year they planted 9/10ths of the harvest that had originated from that quarter inch measure, tithing the rest. By the 6th year they reaped 57,000 bushels, 13 times what would have normally been reaped! When we bring in that higher vibration, that love, that infinite power of abundance, it flows! So say with me, I am generous! I am generous! I am generous!

When people let go they naturally step into their generosity. A 14 year old boy wanted to do something for his mother who had breast cancer. He thought of shaving his head to show his solidarity with her. He hoped to raise a hundred dollars by going about his neighborhood and let people shave a bit of his head for a donation. Knowing the neighborhood, his father didn’t think his son would raise a hundred dollars. The boy came home with $1223.00!  Do you feel the heart? That natural abundance? It is our nature to be generous. It isn’t a struggle; it is a flow.

Are you ready for the next level? OUTRAGEOUS generosity? A nurse saw a starving little girl take a single piece of bread (all she had to eat for the whole day) and break it and give her brother the larger piece. Can you feel that generous heart? The world is filled with it. A teacher got laid off. One of her former students sent a $1000 check for her rent! Outrageous generosity! Isn’t that what we’re about? We’re the recipients of that infinite flow. The universe brings this to us.

Lately, here, we’ve had more outflow than income, so myself and my wife and Rev. Sheila and many board members have decided to tithe 20%. We understand this is an invitation. I’ve got six weeks left in this position. In that six weeks will you join me in the financial health of this church? Know there is more than enough!

Dan, a 25 year old, liked to bike to work in Wales. He was hit by a car and paralyzed from the chest down. He heard of a new stem cell treatment in China. His friends raised $30,000 for it. Then Dan heard of a five year old boy also in Wales who had cerebral palsy from birth and had never walked. This little lad could get a healing treatment in St. Louis for $100,000, but his family could only raise half of that. Dan gave him his $30,000. Outrageous generosity!

Let’s change that. I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! Feel it within. Generosity. Outrageous generosity. What a state of consciousness to live in! All of us are instruments through which this world is transformed. And it’s fun! We are here to step into this flow.

I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! I am generous, outrageously generous! You are because God is! Bless you!