April 10, 2016 – He Had To Go

Rev. Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.
“He Had To Go”

Jesus had to go. It was all about the possibilities that exist within us. He even told the disciples (us) he had to go because he had taught many things which “you do not yet understand.” He had to go to send the one “who will help you understand,” the Holy Spirit. Once we take our eyes off the man, the divine wisdom (the Holy Spirit) will open us to understand. He delivered his message and he was done. We can’t look at the man anymore. We have to move forward with the message.

Jesus said, “the power I have is the same as you have,” and, regarding the things he did, we “will do more”. So you can tell that mountain in your life to move and it will return to nothingness.

He noted that people spend their lives preparing for their deaths. “I came so that you will have life.” Live with each other. Love each other. Heal each other.

In Dorothy Elder’s “From Metaphysical To Mystical” we see how the man comes with a message. The message excites and engages, so a movement forms to share the love of the man and the message. Then a Machine develops with dogma, rules, ideals and regulations to worship the man and maybe the message. Finally in the Monument phase cathedrals are built to worship the Man. What happened to the message—love, forgiveness, oneness?

The last seven events of Jesus’ life hold a phenomenal key to overcome any mountain in our lives. I discovered them in my life and they work! 1) Palm Sunday: surrender the ego to God. 2) The Last Supper: call together all the 12 spiritual powers. 3) The Garden of Gethsemane: draw away from the world and go within for the direction and guidance of God. 4) The trial before Pilate: stand firmly in your faith that all is well. 5) The Crucifixion: get rid of the last vestiges of fear, doubt, unworthiness, any error consciousness. 6) Resurrection: throw off what binds us to sense consciousness; see the truth of the situation. 7) Ascension: be lifted above the world; see the big picture and live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Get back to the message. It is ours to live with passion. It gives us energy, excitement. Every cell is rejuvenated, energized, restored. Remember, you are the one you have been waiting for. Recognize it. Say yes to it. It is time for us to step forward. Be the messiah. Save the world. It is within us. “I’ll say yes, Lord. Where you lead me I’ll say yes!” Put that mountain in your life in front of you. The Holy Spirit is in your heart. Say yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! See that mountain dissipate! Say yes!

I am the one; I say yes! I am the one; I say yes! I am the one; I say yes!