November 6, 2011 – Sacred Place of Healing

11/6/11 Rev. David McArthur

Vibrations. We constantly connect with the Presence through vibrations, which can be words of care and love, or our thoughts that we constantly send out to others, or colors of vitality and warmth. Maybe a place with the consciousness of people coming to touch healing in their lives, like a beautiful church with a vibration or energy which is exquisite – that you relate to. Some places support a vibration within you. (Not cause it.) It’s within you; it’s not out there. We find the inner places through outer places.

We might experience the need of healing a vibration that is not where we want it to be. Recognize how important it is that we heal vibrations from loss, hurts, even changes which seem to violate who we are. It’s important that we bring that hurt into healing. Remember, God is good all the time – even if we don’t feel it. But just knowing that doesn’t take away the hurt. Healing is resolution.

So think of that place where you feel really good – a place where you were full of vitality and life. That place is God. It’s the place you are while watching children at play or when you get lost in an ocean view or the view of a mountain top. Remember that feeling. Let it be alive. Enjoy it. Touch it. Feel it.

Now bring the worry/anxiety/feeling which is not comfortable – a hurt or loss – bring that into the feeling of wholeness – the place where you have let the goodness be alive in you. Bring the uncomfortable feeling in and let it rest in that alive place. Tell your mind to shut up! It’s not about thinking. Perhaps that hurt made you grumpy, and you have found yourself pulling away from that place of healing. Sometimes we’re too tender. But you will forget to be grumpy. You might even feel alive, alert, awake, joyous, enthusiastic about life. Because of that love you find all about you. Bring the feeling of the hurt to that place of beauty and wholeness. Touch it in its fullness. Feel the goodness. Hold the hurt in that good place. Let it rest there. Don’t try to think it through. Let Spirit do its beautiful work of healing.

Yes, sometimes you have to come back to it again. But remember, all the time, you are a beautiful child of God!