July 31, 2011 – Experiencing John of God

7/31/11 Jasmina Agrillo, with Rev. David

During brain surgery, Jasmina experienced a connection with healing spirit that stayed with her throughout her recovery period. “The light stayed with me. It was with me. I could feel it through my heart. When I’d feel good, it was with me. I…used that heart energy and the light… My job was to help myself, [to] bring in that energy, that laser light.”

Seek the miracle experience beyond your understanding. Deal with fears using the heart power, that “aha!” energy. At the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiana, Brazil, where Jasmina experienced healing from entities channeled by John of God, there are rooms of people “sitting in the current”, holding the spiritual power in meditation.

You do your own healing. Ask for energy to increase your intuition to know what is needed. Accept that there is a period of recovery. Use your power to attract your blessings, your bliss and healing. Bring in the appreciation – surrender, faith, trust. List every blessing desired. Release negative, unhealthy emotional ties to heal the physical need. Go through emotional healing, grieving, and release trauma to be able to accept the manifestation of wholeness. When doubt comes in, go back. Meditate. Write down the details of what you want. There is constant guidance just from asking and moving in the direction of the fulfillment of your desire. Stay focused on heart, spirit, and prayer. Stay with it.

Heal the past to have the energy and purpose to be about your purpose now. Everything needed to be on purpose and be about the work that is yours to do is given.

Affirm for yourself the potential of healing!